Motorcycle Enthusiasts Experienced an Unforgettable Festival in Erciyes

motorcycle enthusiasts had an unforgettable festival in erciyes
motorcycle enthusiasts had an unforgettable festival in erciyes

Organized for the fourth time by Erciyes, Erciyes Moto Fest has come to an end. Motorcyclists experienced an unforgettable festival in different events for five days.

Organized by volunteer motorcycle clubs in Kayseri, the Erciyes Motorcycle Festival brought together motorcycle enthusiasts from all over Turkey at the summit. Organized with the organizational support of Yavuz Altuntuğ Architecture, Motul, Meysu, Aytemiz, Lodos Petrol, Ünlü Motor, Efe Motor, ADM, the festival was held in the tent camping area at Erciyes Tekir Plateau at 2.200 meters.

The festival, which started with the burning of the campfire, became colorful with concerts, competitions, motor shows, breathtaking acrobatics and various activities for 5 days. August 30 Victory Day was celebrated with a cortege ride at the peak of the sport and the festival.

The event, hosted by Erciyes for the fourth time this year, was attended by motorcyclists from 30 different provinces. The festival, which started in Erciyes, has an international dimension. kazanIt also hosted bikers from Russia and Germany.

In the organization where different famous names take the stage every evening, motorcyclists; Yusuf Güney, Zehra Gülüç, Sancak, Ersan Er and Kurtalan Ekspres, one of Turkey's oldest Anatolian rock bands, had a great time with their concerts.

Baris Özgür and Adil Atilla, aerobatic showmen who participated in the Motorcycle Festival, performed exciting shows with their motorcycles for 2 days. The shows watched with interest by the audience were breathtaking. Motorcycle enthusiasts passed through the city center with the cortege that started in Erciyes on the last day of the festival, and gave the people of Kayseri an enthusiastic day.

Various gifts were distributed to the participants in the lottery organized at the event. Under the main sponsorship of Yavuz Altuntuğ Architecture, one person was given a motorcycle as a grand prize.

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