Mersin Metropolitan Puts the Final Touches on Lamos Bridge

mersin buyuksehir makes the final touches on lamos bridge
mersin buyuksehir makes the final touches on lamos bridge

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department has come to an end in the Lamos Bridge and connection road works, which it started to be built on Limonlu Stream in Erdemli district. The teams also completed the asphalt casting phase on the bridge, which is planned to be opened soon.

Bridge facilitates transportation

Thanks to the newly built bridge, transportation from Limonlu District to Kayacı Valley became easier. Farmers producing in greenhouses in the region also had the opportunity to deliver their products to the market undamaged. Metropolitan, by making the final touches after the asphalt casting, combined the bridge, which it was preparing to open, with the D-400 Highway, thanks to the connection road it made.

Lamos Bridge will open soon

In the construction of Lamos Bridge, 4 cubic meters of stone wall, 86 bored piles, 5 thousand cubic meters of weak ground stone filling, 800 meters of guardrail, 1500 tons of hot asphalt were used. In this context, 800-meter pavement, electricity and lighting, infrastructure and rainwater works have also been completed. The bridge will be opened soon.

“Our people had difficulties in transporting agricultural products”

Stating that Karaahmetli, Esenpınar and Batısandal Neighborhoods, which are located in the upper regions of Erdemli, are regions where agriculture and agricultural products are transported intensively, Metropolitan Municipality Erdemli Branch Coordinator Vedat Uzunbağ mentioned that the bridge is very important for the region. Uzunbağ said, “We have almost come to the end of the work here. Now we are casting asphalt. Our people had great difficulty in transporting agricultural products or reaching their lands, or finding the described destination very difficult. This road was very important in terms of both reaching the main road, preventing traffic accidents and transporting agricultural products.

“We see and feel great satisfaction from the local people”

Uzunbağ stated that they received very positive reactions from the local people and said, “We see and feel great satisfaction from the local people. In addition to many bridges and roads in Erdemli, we were very pleased that this road and our bridge came to life. It is a service, a gift, of our Metropolitan Mayor, Vahap Seçer, to the people of the region, to our people. Good luck,” he said.

“There has never been a President like this before”

İbrahim Nalpara, who lives in Limonlu District, stated that the construction of the bridge is necessary in many respects and said, “When this road is built, the people will be relieved. Because we had an old bridge, a historical monument. Part of it was ruined, folks were passing through there a bit dangerously. With the construction of this road, our path is shortened. It will be very useful in transportation. This way, it will be easier to reach the D-400 Highway. Lemon goes, banana goes; These are their livelihoods. It was dangerous when our creek rose during the winter months. This bridge will make our work easier. There has never been a President like this before. Hopefully it continues. Let's not miss our heads," he said.

“It was a very nice road”

Abdurrahman Aslan, one of the residents of the region, who stated that he is happy to use a smoother road from now on, said, “It will be very beneficial for us to have a smooth road. It was both a shorter and more efficient way. It was a beautiful road. We follow Vahap Seçer with excitement. He's doing good work. All kinds of fruits and vegetables grow here, with peaches and apricots; they will always pass this way. They will go through a more convenient, more convenient way. We thank Vahap Seçer for this road”.

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