Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Bus Purchase Tender Result

Mersin metropolitan municipality bus purchase tender result
Mersin metropolitan municipality bus purchase tender result

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality offers comfortable and modern vehicles to citizens with its renewed transportation fleet. The Metropolitan Municipality, which rejuvenated its transportation fleet by replacing the old model buses with low passenger capacity with new ones, held a tender for 56 medium-sized buses to be purchased. The tender evaluation process of the buses, of which 30 will be put into service in the center of Tarsus and 26 in other districts, continues.

Modern and comfortable vehicles are coming

Pressing the button to renew 156 buses that have expired in public transportation services in order to rejuvenate their fleet, the Metropolitan Municipality purchased 56 vehicles in the first place. In the tender, in which Anadolu Isuzu, Karsan Otomotiv and BMC participated, Karsan Otomotiv gave the most suitable offer. When the evaluation process of the tender is completed, citizens will travel in new, comfortable and modern vehicles. The Metropolitan Municipality plans to purchase 100 more vehicles in the future to rejuvenate its fleet.

Buses are both fuel and maintenance efficient and environmentally friendly.

Medium-sized buses, which have the feature in the 8-9 meter band, are suitable for disabled use as well as their fuel-efficient feature. While old vehicles consume 100 liters of fuel per 44 kilometers, the new buses to be purchased consume 100-22 liters of fuel per 26 kilometers. With the use of fuel, which will decrease by approximately 50%, both savings will be achieved and the rate of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide released to the environment will decrease. The vehicles, which will be suitable for the narrow and sharp-turning road structure of rural neighborhoods, will also ensure safe traffic flow.

The low maintenance costs of new vehicles also bring extra savings. Since old type, expired vehicles are constantly malfunctioning, maintenance costs, which reach approximately 50 thousand liras per vehicle and 2 million 800 thousand liras per year, will decrease by 3/2 with newly purchased vehicles. Uninterrupted transportation service will be provided to the citizens by minimizing the disruption of the voyages due to the vehicles that break down frequently.

Fresh air inlet and reinforced air conditioner, special security equipment (mnvr), lane tracking system, collision detection system, wi-fi service, mobile phone charging system, independent suspension, additional measures against corrosion, instantaneous temperature sensor control and fuel consumption The buses, which stand out with their economical features, will be at the service of citizens after the completion of the technical processes.

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