Alzheimer's Treatment with Artificial Intelligence from High School Students

Alzheimer's Treatment with Artificial Intelligence from High School Students
Alzheimer's Treatment with Artificial Intelligence from High School Students

Hisar Schools, which launched the Information Strategies Center last year, included artificial intelligence applications, which have become a part of life, in its academic program and carried out a student project for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's. The school that incorporates technology as a natural component of educational environments into its academic program and all business processes; He continues to guide his students in various fields of artificial intelligence, internet of things, cloud systems, programming and computer science. In addition, the school offers its knowledge and experience in this field to the access of students and teachers in all schools in Turkey with its 'Open Source' approach; face-to-face and online events, joint projects and trainings are organized every year.

Hisar Schools Computer Education Department Head Sedat Yalçın said, “Our school has attached great importance to information technologies, innovation and creativity since its establishment. From this point of view, information technologies become a natural part of the teaching process of all courses at all levels. Artificial intelligence applications are one of the developments that have attracted the most attention of our students in recent years. In this area, we have implemented an exemplary industry collaboration with Microsoft at the high school level. In this context, we carried out a project that puts artificial intelligence at the center in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease with our students who have signed both domestic and international activity and university-level research projects and directed their careers in this field.”

Early diagnosis focused project with industry collaboration at high school level

In the project prepared in cooperation with the industry; After the diagnostic test, which was created as a result of researching international Alzheimer's tests and collecting them in a pool, the application offers some guiding suggestions to patients according to the scores obtained with the help of machine learning. In the project, which was prepared based on the importance of the contribution of early diagnosis in Alzheimer's disease to the quality of life of patients, students benefited from the Microsoft Azure Stack Edge Pro program for data management. The program analyzed data with hardware-accelerated artificial intelligence/machine learning to help gain fast actionable insights. Students who received MS Azure training during the installation phase of the system carried out the project process by uploading their data to the system faster thanks to the program.

The students who took part in the project stated that they realized how important early diagnosis in Alzheimer's disease is for the patient's relatives and the patient himself. The students stated that they understood better the studies carried out in the field of technology in order to increase the quality of life of people with the work they carried out.

The Information Strategies Center was also opened last year.

Hisar Schools launched the Information Strategies Center during the pandemic period in order to strengthen its flexible and communication-based structure that can be adapted to any change within the framework of its principles. In this way, the necessary infrastructure was provided to maintain high-level learning conditions in the changing educational environment. Face-to-face, online, synchronous and asynchronous learning tools and strategies were planned and used as a whole. For the center, the roles of students and teachers were defined and learning environments were structured, taking into account the standards set by the International Society for Technology in Education, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education). Digital transformation and this perspective have positively affected the academic processes throughout the school in a very short time, ensuring that education continues uninterrupted and efficiently during the pandemic period. For more detailed information on the work done:

The education model of Hisar Schools covers the fields of science, engineering, art and design.

Since the first day of its establishment, Hisar Schools aim to raise students who can compete with the world; It offers an educational model and academic program in which different fields such as science, engineering, art and design are associated. School; Starting from the youngest ages, it creates opportunities for students of all levels to acquire knowledge and skills based on experimentation and observation in line with their interests. Equipped with these skills, students begin their life journey with the experience of identifying problems, generating solutions, and putting those solutions into practice with persistence. While the graduates of the school, which has 1522 students, continue their education and working lives in the leading educational institutions and organizations in Turkey and the world, they also contribute to the progress of the society they live in.

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