Laser Guided Hit Capability on Tanks with TANOK Developed by Roketsan

laser guided hit ability on tanks with tanok developed by rocketsan
laser guided hit ability on tanks with tanok developed by rocketsan

With the TANOK 120 mm Laser Guided Tank Gun Ammunition it has developed, Roketsan offers the user a cost-effective solution that will be an innovative option to the traditional artillery ammunition used in tanks and other high-caliber guns, and will provide high efficiency and precision on the battlefield.

Designed to meet the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces for laser-guided anti-tank artillery ammunition, TANOK has the ability to be used as a portable or fired from land vehicles thanks to its low weight and launch engine that does not harm the user.

First exhibited at IDEF'19 and developed according to the needs of the modern battlefield, TANOK is an ammunition suitable for use by existing tanks without any additional requirements. With its semi-active laser guidance feature, the ammunition exhibits high hit performance not only against stationary targets but also against moving targets, and can be effective against targets at different ranges with direct and overhead strike modes. Equipped with a tandem armor-piercing warhead, TANOK stands out as an effective solution against all armored threats and bunkers in the modern battlefield.

Technical Specifications of TANOK

Diameter: 120 mm
Length: 984 mm
Weight: 11 kg
Range: 1-6 km
Seeker Header: Semi-Active Laser Seeker Header
Warhead: Type Armor Piercing Tandem
Target Type: Armor Piercing Tandem
Platforms: Tank / Ground Vehicles

Source: defenceturk

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