Tank Landing Craft Built for Qatar Launched

Tank landing craft built for Qatar launched
Tank landing craft built for Qatar launched

Anadolu Shipyard launched the tank landing ship (LCT) it built for Qatar with a ceremony held on September 25, 2021. The tank landing ship (LCT) QL80 FUWAIRIT, built by Anadolu Shipyard for the needs of the Qatar Armed Forces, was launched with a ceremony held in Istanbul. The launching ceremony of the tank landing craft (LCT) was held on Saturday, September 25, 2021 with the participation of senior military and civilian officials from Qatar and Turkey.

Construction of 1 tank landing ship (LCT), 2 mechanized landing craft (LCM40) and 1 vehicle and personnel landing vehicle (LCVP) for the needs of the Qatar Armed Forces within the scope of the procurement project contract signed between Anadolu Shipyard and Qatari Barzan Holdings Istanbul, Tuzla' It is carried out at Anadolu Shipyard, located in

It will be certified by Türk Loydu

The hull of the high-tech landing craft, whose construction activities started on September 8, 2020, was designed from high-strength steel. Landing ship specified to be certified under the supervision of Türk Loydu; It is designed to be 80 meters long, 11.70 meters wide and have a displacement of 1.156 tons.

The maximum speed of the ship, which is equipped for a total of 20 personnel, is stated as 18 knots. Apart from 20 personnel, different types and sizes of military vehicles (up to 200 tons in total) or 260 fully equipped infantry can be carried on board.

It can also be used in Logistic Support and Natural Disasters

It is stated that the LCT QL80 FUWAIRIT can stay at sea for 7 days without refueling and has a range of over 1.500 nautical miles. The ship, which has 2 STOP 25 mm Remote Controlled Stabilized Gun Systems and 2 12,7 mm stabilized guns manufactured by ASELSAN, can be used in logistic support and natural disaster relief apart from military missions.

It was reported that under the same contract, the construction of two 15,7-meter-long 40-meter mechanized landing craft (LCM) and one vehicle and personnel landing vehicle) LCVP continues.

All design stages (combat system design and integration) of the LCT QL2022 'FUWAIRIT', LCMs and LCVP, which is planned to be commissioned in the Qatar Navy before the 2022 FIFA World Cup, which is planned to be held in Qatar in 80, were carried out by Anadolu Shipyard.

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