Ways to Prevent Heart Diseases

ways to prevent heart disease
ways to prevent heart disease

“Cardiovascular diseases are known as the leading cause of death today. We have many options to reduce this risk. If you pay attention to these 7 points, your heart health can be excellent,” said Istanbul Okan University Hospital Cardiology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Süha Çetin gave important information to prevent heart diseases.

1. Smoking and other tobacco products should not be used

The chemicals in tobacco can seriously damage the heart and the blood vessels that feed it. Tobacco consumption reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood. Therefore, blood pressure and heart rate increase. As a result, our heart has to work harder to compensate for this low amount of oxygen in the blood.

It should also be known that after quitting tobacco consumption, at least two years are needed for half of the damage caused by tobacco to the body.

2. Take action for your heart

Regular and daily physical activity prevents cardiovascular diseases. You can keep your weight under control through physical activity. At the same time, in this context, you can prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol values ​​that are harmful for heart health, as well as diabetes. In this context, I recommend walking for half an hour a day.

3. A healthy diet is inevitable

By changing your eating habits, you can reduce high blood pressure or cholesterol values ​​and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. My advice is to consume plenty of vegetables and limited amounts of fruit, to eat protein-based (meat, milk, yoghurt, egg, cheese, etc.), to minimize flour products, sugar and sugary foods and beverages, and to consume very limited salt and alcohol externally.

4. Having a normal weight is important for all ages

Especially the wide waist circumference puts us in danger in terms of heart diseases. If you consistently follow the diet style and physical activity advice I mentioned above, the extra pounds and 'belly' will disappear on their own.

5. Sleep quality was hitherto unknown

It is important for adults to sleep at least seven hours a night for heart health. If you have trouble falling asleep, I recommend consuming limited magnesium supplements, lemon balm tea and yogurt before going to bed. It is essential to treat sleep apnea, that is, stopping breathing during sleep.

6. Coping with stress is not difficult at all

In this sense, we do not become successful by eating too much, drinking alcohol or smoking. On the contrary, we do more harm to our health. To cope with stress, I recommend first a good work organization, then physical activity, meditation or yoga.

7. Do not miss your regular health checks

It is possible to easily diagnose high blood pressure by connecting a blood pressure holter, especially in adulthood. Again, it is very simple to look at the cholesterol profile in adults with a blood test every two years. Diabetes is one of the leading risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Especially if you have a family history of diabetes or are overweight, you may need to have your fasting blood sugar checked in blood tests or have your hemoglobinA1c measured.

If you make these seven elements a part of your life, you can live a healthier and more comfortable life. Remember that 90% of cardiovascular diseases are related to your lifestyle.

I wish you a happy world heart day and good health.

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