The Number of Public Transportation Boarding Passes Increased to 1,5 Million in Izmir

The number of public transportation boarding passes increased to a million in Izmir.
The number of public transportation boarding passes increased to a million in Izmir.

The public transportation boarding rate, which decreased to 200 thousand per day during the pandemic period in Izmir, increased to 6 million on average during the week as of September 1,5, when schools were opened. As of July 1, when the restriction practices ended, this figure was at the level of 900 thousand. Before the pandemic, an average of 1 million 900 rides were made on weekdays to all public transportation vehicles in the city.

In İZBAN, which is operated by public transportation organizations affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD-Metropolitan partnership, the daily average boarding figures approached the data before the pandemic. Especially in the first half of 2020, the number of boarding passes, which decreased to an average of 200 thousand per day, started to rise as of July 1, 2021, when the restrictions on urban public transportation vehicles were lifted. In the first stage, the number of boarding passes, which increased to an average of 900 thousand on weekdays, showed a great increase as of September 6, when the schools were opened.

On Monday, September 6, the number of boarding up to all public transportation vehicles was 1 million 521 thousand 816. This figure was approximately 23 million 1 thousand on the same day of the previous week (August 250). The number of boarding, which has been measured at an average of 6 million 1 thousand on weekdays since September 500, was 1 million 900 thousand on average in the pre-pandemic period.

Chairman Soyer: Comfortable and fast

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, expressed his satisfaction that his call "let's use public transportation", which he made a while ago, has found its place. Pointing out that there is still a serious density of private vehicles in the city, Mayor Soyer emphasized that the easiest solution to the increasing traffic density with the pandemic is "preferring public transportation vehicles". Stating that the use of private vehicles has increased by 110 percent, President Soyer continued as follows: “Today, 1.5 million vehicles arrive in İzmir traffic on average every day. This figure was 650 thousand before the pandemic. This is the main reason why travel times are longer. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we offer qualified, safe, comfortable and hygienic services in all aspects of public transportation. We save time. We have greatly renewed and expanded our bus fleet. We increased the frequency of services on our ESHOT, Metro, Tram and İZDENİZ lines. For more relief in traffic, we need to prefer public transportation vehicles. I ask all my fellow countrymen to be sensitive on this matter.”

Maximum attention to cleanliness

Cleaning and disinfection works are carried out meticulously in Metro, Tram vehicles, İZDENİZ ships, ESHOT, İZULAŞ buses and İZBAN trains operated by TCDD-Metropolitan partnership, as in the most intense period of the pandemic. Cleaning teams continue their cleaning and disinfection works at all public points as well as stations, piers and transfer centers.

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