Victory of Kenyan and Ethiopian Athletes in Izmir Half Marathon

izmir half marathon victory of kenya and ethiopian athletes
izmir half marathon victory of kenya and ethiopian athletes

9 September İzmir Half Marathon organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality witnessed colorful and exciting moments this year as well. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn the race, in which . The overall victory in the marathon was won by Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes. President Soyer broke his own record this year by five minutes.

Organized for the ninth time this year to commemorate the liberation of İzmir from occupation, the International 9 September İzmir Half Marathon was once again the scene of great excitement. President Soyer, who started the race first and then participated in the race, completed the 3110-kilometer course in 21 hours and 2 minutes with the jersey numbered 20.

“Sport is important for physical and mental health”

Expressing that he enjoyed the marathon, Mayor Soyer said, “The participation in the marathon was quite high. The runners were in good spirits. We are very pleased. Each year, both the participation and the speed of the runners increase. Sports is not just a place to spend time. It is of vital importance in terms of physical and mental health,” he said.

Izmir was the scene of exciting moments

The overall victory in the marathon was won by Kenyan and Ethiopian athletes. Kenyan Betty Jemaita Chepkwony won the first place in the general classification, with a time of 1.14.21 in women, and Ethiopian Getaye Gelaw in men, with a time of 1.02.42, in the race run on the track between Cumhuriyet Meydani and İnciraltı. While Hasibe Demir from Turkey 1.21.48 and Meryem Kılınç Gündoğdu shared the other places with 1.23.33 in women, Hüseyin Can took the second place with 1.05.06 and Ömer Alkanoğlu took the third place with 1.05.26.

They received their awards from President Soyer

President Tunç Soyerattended the award ceremony with the President of the Turkish Athletics Federation Fatih Çintımar and the Deputy President Ali Aksu. Soyer presented Burak Muslu with autism, who completed the Half Marathon, his award at the trophy ceremony. Ertuğrul Tugay, Deputy Secretary General of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, presented his award to hurdler Burak Tetik. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Head of Youth and Sports Services Department Hakan Orhunbilge, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ersan Odaman, Izmir Provincial Director of Youth and Sports Murat Eskici also participated in the Half Marathon, which was the scene of a very exciting and competitive struggle. While İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Eşrefpaşa Hospital staff received great applause from the audience with their Atatürk photographed t-shirts, participants from 7 to 70 created colorful images. Sultan Çolak, mother of our world champion gymnast İbrahim Çolak, also participated in the race.

Here are the winners

In the general classification, Hüseyin Can, Ömer Alkanoğlu, Mestan Turhan in Turkish male athletes, Hasibe Demir, Meryem Kılınç Gündoğdu and Pınar Demir in Turkish female athletes came third. Men: Tahsin Ersin Kurşunoğlu, 35-39 years old, İbrahim Kırmaç at 40-44, Oktay Fırat at 45-49, Nihat Özkaymak at 50-54, Memet Mustafa Buldum at 55-59, Abdullah Ertekin at 60-64, Saim Erdoğan in 65-69, Mengüç Gözüyaşaran in 70-74, plus Yusuf Üzer in 75.

Women aged 35-39, Meryem Kılınç Gündoğdu, 40-44 years old Tülin Oktay, 45-49 years Selma Varlıker, 50-54 years Gülşen Sönmez, 55-59 years Birsen Kılınç, 60-64 years Ismigül Yıldız, plus At 65, Aysel Yildiz took the first place.

Trophies and medals are made of recycled material.

In accordance with the vision of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, all the cups and medals given in the Half Marathon were specially produced from recycled materials. No chemical products were used in the production of trophies and medals.

Pandemic rules applied

Due to the fact that the pandemic has not lost its effect, great care was taken in the distance and hygiene rules in the Half Marathon. Entrances to the event area were made from a single point and with temperature measurement, and a social distance of 1,5 meters was left between each athlete. While the start was given in groups of four, there was at least two meters between each group.

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