Public Transportation Will Be Free On The First Day Of The New Education Year In Istanbul

Public transportation will be free on the first day of the new academic year in Istanbul.
Public transportation will be free on the first day of the new academic year in Istanbul.

IMM took a series of measures to avoid traffic problems on Monday, September 6, when schools will open, and in the first week. Public transportation in Istanbul will be free between 06.00:14.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX on Monday. On the same day, shuttle vehicles will be able to park free of charge all day. Tow trucks will be kept ready for vehicles remaining on the road. Governorship, Police and IMM units will work together to direct traffic. Services and school roads will be inspected. IMM will coordinate the transportation from AKOM. Ongoing infrastructure works will also be completed by Monday.

7 million 60 thousand 2 students and 819 thousand 443 teachers in 198 thousand 165 schools in Istanbul will start the lesson on September 6. 324 thousand students will be transported to their schools with 18 thousand shuttles.

Due to the opening of the academic year, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) took measures to reduce the density in transportation and to ensure traffic safety. The draft was approved unanimously at the UKOME meeting on 26 August.


All public transportation vehicles subject to ticket integration in Istanbul will be free of charge between 6-06.00 in order to avoid the density of private vehicles on Monday, September 14.00, when schools will open. IETT will add 1.860, and Metro Istanbul will add 16 additional flights. On the same day, free parking will be provided to the shuttle vehicles at İSPARK's. It will be ensured that school service vehicles will primarily benefit from the ferryboats.


The drivers who will use the school bus will be tested by the Provincial Health Directorate for alcohol and stimulants. Vaccination cards of school bus drivers and guide staff who will take part in transported education will be checked. Those who do not have a service route usage permit and a public transportation vehicle usage certificate will be checked at Parents will also be able to use the same website for registered shuttle driver inquiry and school shuttle fee calculation services.


In this context, there will be no work at the construction sites in the city during the week when schools are opened. Existing studies will be completed before school opening. Horizontal-vertical markings on pedestrian crossings near the school will be finished. İSKİ, İGDAŞ, AYEDAŞ, TÜRK TELEKOM, BEDAŞ etc. institutions will also finish their continuing studies in pre-school. Continuing essential works will be carried out between 22.00:05.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX at night.


The first week of training; 359 police teams, 269 school law enforcement officers, 1.117 private security guards, 102 police personnel consisting of 274 teams, 6 thousand 787 Safe Education Coordination Officers will serve in the field. Mobile School Teams, consisting of 65 teams and 260 personnel, will respond to any security problem that may occur in and around the school in the fastest way and solve the problem on site.


IMM will direct the traffic from AKOM in the first week. Istanbul traffic will be monitored from its cameras, clogged arteries will be reported to the relevant units and immediately resolved. Parking around the school will be prevented by directing traffic in the main arteries and around the school in coordination with the municipal police. Traffic control and directions will be provided by the constabulary and police officers in the morning and evening hours. At the intersections with heavy traffic, 13 towing vehicles will be on duty. Inspections will be increased so that trucks and freight vehicles do not go to traffic during prohibited hours. With mobile EDS vehicles, inspection teams, civil traffic and municipal police teams will conduct inspections in coordination. "I am a Responsive Driver" sign will be hung on the signal poles. The 'pedestrian first' symbol will also be placed on the level crossings.


IMM will distribute 18 tons of disinfectant and information stickers to 100 thousand school services so that students will be sensitive to hygiene rules due to the pandemic. It will be ensured that students are not transported above the transportation limit, students are not unloaded except at the drop-off points, and the 'ALO 153' sign will be hung on the shuttle vehicles. In accordance with the decision taken by the Istanbul Governor's Office, the mandatory vaccination cards for the shuttle drivers and guide staff will be inspected. Drivers will also be tested for alcohol and stimulants by the Provincial Health Directorate.

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