Statement from MEB About İzmir Konak Necati Bey Secondary School

explanation about mebden izmir necati bey secondary school
explanation about mebden izmir necati bey secondary school

The Ministry of National Education (MEB) made a statement about Necati Bey Secondary School in İzmir.

The ministry statement said:

“Recently, the following explanation was required due to the allegations about creating an unrealistic and negative perception about İzmir Konak Necati Bey Secondary School and our school built in its place in some media organs.

The information in the news in question that Necati Bey Secondary School is within the scope of cultural heritage is not true. Our school does not qualify as a cultural property, as stated in the decision of the İzmir Cultural Heritage Preservation Board No. 1, therefore it was decided by the Board that it is not appropriate to register this real estate.

In addition, the information that Necati Bey Secondary School was not damaged in the Izmir earthquake that occurred on October 30, 2020 and that no technical examination was carried out on earthquake resistance does not reflect the truth. The decision to demolish and rebuild the school; The results of the investigation were obtained by evaluating the current building's inability to meet today's education needs and the classroom needs of the region.

It is also not true that the 100-year-old trees in the school garden were cut down. The trees were examined by the İzmir Regional Directorate of Forestry and it was stated that cutting some of the trees is not subject to any permission as they are not "forest trees" and there is no objection in terms of forestry in cutting the other part. In addition, 65 mature trees will be planted in the garden of our school, which will be rebuilt.

The claim that the school was given to refugees is also not true. All schools built by our Ministry within the scope of these projects are public schools and accept students with an address-based system.”

Günceleme: 26/09/2021 11:52

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