ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile Will Add Strength to the Turkish Naval Forces

hawk anti-ship missile
hawk anti-ship missile

ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile, developed by Roketsan and embodying the achievements of today's technology, is ready to enter the inventory after successfully destroying the target in the firing test. ATMACA, which will strengthen modern navy platforms with its long range, low track and high target accuracy, is expected to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces in the second half of 2021.

ATMACA, whose first flight test was carried out in 2016, successfully completed fire tests during the development period. The first firing test of ATMACA, for which the serial production contract was signed on October 29, 2018, was carried out from TCG Kınalıada in November 2019. Finally, ATMACA successfully destroyed the target in the test carried out with the live warhead configuration in June 2021. ATMACA, whose product qualification tests have been successfully completed, has been made ready for mass production and will be in the inventory of the Turkish Naval Forces in the near future.

ATMACA, a modern guided missile that can be used in all weather conditions, is resistant to countermeasures; It includes target update, re-attack and mission cancellation capabilities. In addition, thanks to the advanced mission planning system (3D routing), it can be effective against fixed and moving targets. Using the Global Positioning System, Inertial Measurement Unit, Barometric Altimeter and Radar Altimeter subsystems, ATMACA uses its active radar seeker to find its target with high accuracy.

With a range of over 220 kilometers, ATMACA also poses a major threat to targets beyond line of sight. ATMACA's; behind its target update, re-attack and mission cancellation capabilities is its advanced and modern data link. In addition, in the system that can present the task profile; There are also operational modes of timing the target, hitting the target and firing the target.

ATMACA also makes a difference with its structural design. The guided missile was designed using composite material technologies in order to reduce its weight and increase its structural strength in line with developing technologies, and these technologies were utilized to the maximum in the production of the missile.

In the coming period, Roketsan aims to improve its capabilities with versions of ATMACA equipped with equipment such as Infrared Seeker and Dual Seeker. On the other hand, platform diversity will be increased with versions that can be launched from submarines and vertical launch systems. Roketsan continues to work with high motivation in order to further increase ATMACA's high nationality rate in the coming period, thus minimizing foreign dependency to the maximum level.

Technical Specifications of ATMACA

Length: 4,3 – 5,2 meters
Weight: < 750 kilograms Range: > 220 kilometers
Guidance: ANS* + GCS* + Barometric Altimeter + Radar Altimeter
Warhead Type: High Explosive Particle Impact, Penetration Impact
Warhead Weight: 220 kilograms
Datalink: Target Update, Re-attack, Mission Cancellation Ability
Seeker: Active RF

*ANS: Inertial Navigation System
*GPS: Global Positioning System

Source: defenceturk

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