Great Fear in Bursa City Hospital Metro Project!

great fear in bursa city hospital metro project
great fear in bursa city hospital metro project

What we see is this… City Hospital Metro what we call, Bursaray 'i last stop Labor'th Pass-Balat high-speed train station and City Hospital 'Everything is ready for the project that will deliver.


With its 6.1 kilometer long line and 4 underground stations, all of which will be underground, the metro project will also include newly developing residential areas.


After the foundation stone was laid on April 2 Council of state'When the tender was held again on May 5 after the tender was canceled waste of time was worried, but new tender two new to the opportunity It turned.

First ...

1460 days, that is 4 yıl The end of the work is in the second tender 700 to the day Yani 23 aya landed. This too reduction of construction period by at least 2 years say.


Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaşon the initiative of project changes in route done. Passage'While the station on the second was shifted forward 500 meters, half at the station which is subject to be demolished and withdrawn cami survived.

In this process…

Contractor Willow-Taşyapı partnership Start 'so Almonds to the exit, Big city'with the suppression of a big construction site founded.

The construction site, which consists of dormitories and social facilities for those working with powerful construction equipment and truck park, is larger than the construction sites in high-speed train construction.

Last week…

Uprooting trees on the route Hamid'carrying a Metropolitan Municipality cleared the project area. Contractor too Mudanya Road on old Andalusia Park areas in front to be used as a road during excavation broke.

So it was time for the pickaxe for the subway.


Talking to friends at work a common concern it took our attention:

“Does the Ministry of Transport, which has been slow in investments in Bursa and has been indifferent to Bursa projects, cause an appropriation problem?”

It's Öyle

In order for the project, which is a central budget investment, to be completed in 2 years as envisaged. no money problem required.

This is fear.

If the metro fails, the AK Party cannot explain

Great Fear in Bursa City Hospital Metro Project!

Explaining… last week Ulaştırma Bakanlığı He did, and so we learned.

Apparently ...

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu'nun “The world's largest subway” said constructions, Ministry of TransportIt was made with 60 billion liras given by

We hope…

AK Party 'estate largest metropolitan municipality one Bursa'yi Ulaştırma Bakanlığı this time he won't deprive City Hospital Metro does not fail.

If it does, AK Parti cannot explain it.

Metro preparation on Mudanya Road: Bored piles started, side roads are ready

If… City Hospital Metro digs for in the summer if it started Mudanya Road heavy traffic would be greatly affected.

Council of state'canceling the tender, re-tendering and turning it into an opportunity project change in route postponed the planned start.

So, Mudanya Road he did not experience the traffic jam he feared this summer. Now we have a new process and business plan there.

Here's the latest:

Mudanya Road in their work Labor Station-Pass between 1. Stage as.

Andalusia Park The contractor, who has come to the end of the works in front of him, Passage'did Ahmet Yesevi Station'Nda bored pile started its work.

On the other hand…

Labor'did recent work on service roads is being done. When it's over Labor Station The overpass located nearby will be dismantled.

your overpass this week dismantle and dig at the beginning of october shot was planned.

Ministry delegation is coming for the final planning

Bursaray 'i last stop Labor'th City Hospital 'what will it take for the metro 1. Stage identified Mudanya Road 'next Labor-Pass While preparing for the tunnel excavation between City Hospital Construction work has started at the station in front of it.

However Bun

undertaking the project Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments'a technical delegation from final planning for friday Bursa'or will come.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event

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