If Your Eyes Have a Sad and Tired Expression, Attention!

If you have a sad and tired expression in your eyes, pay attention.
If you have a sad and tired expression in your eyes, pay attention.

As a person ages, the tissues in his body begin to age. The effects of this aging are most visible on the skin and are especially evident around the eyelids. Although the aging of the person cannot be stopped, at least it is possible to achieve a younger appearance with some procedures. One way to look young and well-groomed is through blepharoplasty operations on the eyelids. From Memorial Şişli Hospital Eye Center, Assoc. Dr. Gamze Öztürk Karabulut gave information about blepharoplasty.

Adverse effects can be seen on the skin due to aging, sun rays, smoking, irregular sleep, air pollution, alcohol intake and many similar factors, as well as problems such as sagging of the lower and upper eyelid skin, and fat herniation. The biggest complaint of the patients is that they get comments such as "you are very tired", "your wrinkles have increased" due to the problem in the eyelids, even though they sleep very well. In addition, excess skin that obstructs the visual field is another factor that plays a role in the decision of blepharoplasty candidates for surgery.

It is possible to get rid of the expression of fatigue

With age and different factors, there is a loss of elasticity in the eyelid skin, with the effect of gravity, the eyelids may sag, reach the level of the eyelashes, and even cover the eyelashes. In this case, an expression of fatigue occurs and a narrowing occurs in the patient's visual field, especially in the upper region. However, there is a way to get rid of all these problems. With blepharoplasty surgeries, the lower or upper eyelids affected by these reasons gain the appearance they should have. With blepharoplasty, that is, eyelid aesthetics, excess skin tissue in the lower and upper eyelids is removed, herniated fat pads are either removed or spread to other areas.

looks 5-10 years younger

The type of blepharoplasty varies according to the patient's complaint. Immediately after the operation, rejuvenation becomes permanent. However, aging continues. The person returns to 5-10 years ago with blepharoplasty, but aging continues from here on. A curious issue about blepharoplasty is whether it can be done regardless of whether a man or woman does. Both men and women can have blepharoplasty. However, there is a difference in surgical approach.

Almond eye surgery for sad eyes

One type of eye aesthetics is almond eye surgery. Cantoplasty, or almond eye surgery, is a minimally invasive procedure performed to reconstruct the outer commissure of the eyelids. Also known as "Bella eyes" surgery, this surgery creates a slightly slanting, upwardly raised eye shape. Small incisions are made on the edge of the eye, the outer canthus, that is, the outer part where the eyelids meet, is hung up and repaired. With almond eye surgery, the sad expression in the eyes is removed. It rejuvenates the appearance, the eyes become softer and almond-shaped, the sad and tired look disappears. Almond eye surgery can be performed through the same incisions as blepharoplasty.

Traces are not visible

Generally, in eyelid surgeries, the incisions are made on the upper lid, at the fold of the lid, and on the lower lid, at the bottom of the eyelashes or inside the eyelid. These scars also become invisible from the first month of surgery. It is a very positive procedure from a cosmetic point of view.

Vivid and serene appearance after surgery

Patients who want to have this surgery are mostly people over the age of 35. However, those who suffer from familial drooping eyelids may want to have this surgery earlier than this age. However, although the operation cannot stop aging, the tired facial expression of the person immediately changes after the operation, leaving himself to a lively, lively and serene expression. Anyone who has no health problems can have this surgery. Those who have blepharoplasty surgery generally welcome the change in their appearance.

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