Governor Yazıcı Inspected Antalya Airport's Expanded International Terminal-2

governor Yazici inspected antalya airport international terminal
governor Yazici inspected antalya airport international terminal

Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı Fraport made inspections at the expanded International Terminal-2 of TAV Antalya Airport. He attended the meeting where the works carried out at the airport, the planned projects and the steps to be taken to further increase the capacity were evaluated.

Density will be avoided with a holistic approach

Antalya Airport, where more than five million tourists entered the city this year, continues to be flooded with visitors. Especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, when the number of arriving planes and tourists is high, the airport, where 65-70 thousand guests enter daily, provides services at the highest capacity within the framework of the pandemic rules. There may be densities from time to time. Governor Yazıcı, who examined the work done in the terminal, whose capacity was increased in order to minimize this intensity and to ensure the transfer of passengers in a controlled and safe manner within the scope of pandemic measures; “With the start of flights from the Russian Federation on June 22, the number of tourists in Antalya started to increase. As of September 1, we hosted more than 5 million 342 thousand guests in Antalya. In order to provide safer service to more people in a shorter time, with more personnel, we examined the 2 m² new service building, which was completed at the International Terminal-3500, and the check-in procedures and baggage claim points, and got information from the authorities about the ongoing expansion works. We have completed and ongoing projects in order to prevent the congestion experienced by our guests from passport control to baggage claim, from customs control to the parking lot and even before they leave the airport, with a holistic approach. With the extended tourism season, we will continue to welcome and host our guests safely in Antalya and bid them farewell after their holiday.” said.

Governor Yazıcı held a meeting with the accompanying delegation after examining the works and ongoing projects at the airport. Cengiz Cantürk, the Deputy Governor in charge of the Airport, Deniz Varol, the General Manager of Fraport TAV Antalya Airport, Ahmet Sağlam, the Deputy Provincial Police Chief in Charge of the Airport, Serpil Engenç, the Airport Security Branch Manager, İlhami Şimşek, the Chief Manager of the State Airports Authority Antalya Airport, and the relevant authorities attended the meeting, where the Governor Yazıcı; “Since the airport is the first point where we welcome our guests, the high-level qualifications of our personnel here, the wide and spacious areas where our guests are processed, and the orderly environment will continue to add strength to the brand value of our city. We have increased the number of checkpoints, and the number of Police Officers for passport control, and we will continue to do so.” He used his expressions.

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