GKN Cargo Started the Process of Transition to Digitalization in the Logistics Industry

gkn started the transition to digitalization in the cargo logistics sector
gkn started the transition to digitalization in the cargo logistics sector

GKN Cargo, a fast-growing player in the cargo industry, has started the transition to digitalization in the logistics industry. GKN Cargo Chairman of the Board Gökhan Akyürek said, “Logistics is a matter of planning and managing time correctly” and said, “Our work does not accept human error. The source of all the negativities experienced by customers is mostly due to human error. In order to prevent this situation, we started the digitalization process. With our latest investment, we can see all the variables, from the receipt of the cargo to its tracking, the condition of the vehicle on the road and the weather on the route, through a single system. Thus, human error is eliminated.

Logistics is one of the most important sectors affecting every aspect of our lives. The journey of every product we consume, from where it is produced to the consumer, requires good planning and time management. GKN Cargo Chairman of the Board Gökhan Akyürek said, “Logistics is a matter of planning and managing time correctly.” “Planning and time management do not accept human error. For this reason, we continue our digitalization investments.”


Gökhan Akyürek, who said, “The majority of the negativities experienced by customers in the cargo industry are human error,” said, “Managing cargo shipments requires correct planning by taking into account many variables. Human error is not only caused by doing something wrong, it is also human error to ignore, underestimate, or ignore a variable. The condition of the vehicle that will be on the road, will there be precipitation on the route? Does the driver on the road dominate the route? Are there any maintenance and repair works on the roads and cities to be passed? Many variables should be taken into account, decisions should be made accordingly, and the customer should be informed correctly. In an industry with so many variables, the margin for error is high. Every mistake will be returned to the customer as negativity," he said.


Stating that all sectors are a part of digitalization today, Akyürek said, “We all keep up with the times. The important thing is to catch up with the era and even surpass it if possible. All operations and cargo companies with logistics carry out the inventory of the products to be sent, the destinations they will go to, and the planning of the business with digital solutions. However, at this point, it is a wrong proposition to say that 'we have completed the digitalization process' by only scanning the barcode. While it is possible to digitize much more and technology is developing rapidly, we cannot 'complete' anything in this regard. We can follow and implement it, but when you say 'I've completed', another innovation will come out and the system that you say 'I have completed' will become obsolete.


Introducing the digital distribution operation system they passed as GKN Cargo, Gökhan Akyürek said, “With our new digital investment, we can tell our customers when their shipments will arrive with an accuracy rate of up to 98 percent. Because our software tells us all the variables that people do not take into account. It helps us to create the most effective routes by dividing the routes we will go into. We can make region-specific definitions. We can measure the performance of our drivers. We can assign them to certain routes according to their experience. We can monitor external factors such as road conditions, weather conditions and vehicle conditions. Apart from scanning the barcode, we can track all the variables that will affect the cargo delivery from a single screen.”


Akyürek said, “Technological innovations are not things that we can say we have done or happened.” “Technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. Although the investment we have made is an important step for us to catch up with the era, we will continue to incorporate new systems and applications that will be released tomorrow. That's why we don't say 'we have completed our digitalization process'. We say that we will continue to digitalize and offer the best to our customers.”

Günceleme: 06/09/2021 11:22

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