Transportation and Traffic Information Meeting Held in Gaziantep

transportation and traffic information meeting was held in gaziantep
transportation and traffic information meeting was held in gaziantep

“Transportation and Traffic Information Meeting in Gaziantep” by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality was held at the Assembly Meeting Hall with the participation of members of the press. At the meeting, the Transportation Master Plan and the new traffic regulations in the city, under the direction of Mayor Fatma Şahin, were explained about the new projects related to 'transportation' and 'traffic', the finalized road works and the contribution of the crossroads to the transportation of the city were conveyed to the participants with presentations. Following the meeting, a field trip was organized to the Main Station and GAZİRAY Suburban Line.

In order to strengthen Gaziantep's metropolitan identity, studies on city planning are accelerating day by day. In this direction, the Metropolitan Municipality organized a "Transportation and Traffic Information Meeting" and explained how it monitors the projects on traffic and transportation issues in the city, and the effects of the road and transportation projects that have already been completed on the city's traffic to the printed and visual local press workers and national press representatives. At the meeting, connection roads and crossroads, which are planned to minimize travel times in Gaziantep, were among the prominent topics, while information was given about Gaziantep's main actor in traffic and transportation, the Transportation Coordination Center.


In the continuation of the meeting, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Fatma Şahin, emphasized the importance of transportation in city planning and drew attention to the need to increase the transportation channels of the city by creating alternative ways regarding the relationship between land use and environment. He touched on stronger pedestrianization efforts and pedestrian-only intersection areas. Stating that they aim to reduce the travel time in the case of vehicles in the city center with the Transportation Master Plan, Mayor Fatma Şahin stated that the plans for this purpose were based on the ring road relationship and included in the design of the city. Underlining that Gaziantep is a small Istanbul, Şahin said that water and transportation are two important elements for metropolitan cities. Stating that they have solved the water problems radically with Düzbağ, Şahin stated that the asphalt works on the D-400 Highway were completed before the schools opened, and that his team completed a work that would take approximately 3 months in a short time.


Head of Transportation Department Hasan Kömürcü made a detailed presentation to the participants. Among the topics that stood out in Kömürcü's presentation were GAZİRAY Suburban vehicles, GAZİRAY Central Station, improvement of the Ring Road and connection roads, Gaziantep Transportation Master Plan Long Term Project, and rail system lines. In the continuation of his presentation, Kömürcü likened the traffic management in the city to a four-legged chair. He explained the working process of the Transportation Coordination Center in the city. He emphasized that he is the decision maker in transportation.

On the other hand, in the presentation, the headings of route diversity in transportation, traffic control center, density graph of Ordu Street in the center of the city, driver and vehicle mobility in the city, public transportation demand during the pandemic process, public transportation examples from the world and public transportation data in Turkey were examined.

In the second part of the meeting, the city channels that will create alternative ways regarding the relationship between land use and environment in city planning were examined. The importance of the Transportation Master Plan was mentioned. The roads planned and completed by mapping this plan since 2014 were embodied instantly and with photographs.

The meeting, which ended with a question and answer session after the presentations and explanations in the Assembly, continued with a field trip. Members of the press and the protocol made investigations at the transfer station, where high-speed train, subway and suburban transportation types are located together. The works were photographed by members of the press.

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