Freight Train Hits Minibus in Tekirdağ: 6 Dead, 7 Injured

freight train crashed into minibus in tekirdag, injured
freight train crashed into minibus in tekirdag, injured

In the Ergene district of Tekirdağ, the freight train hit the factory service minibus at the level crossing. 6 people died in the accident, 7 people were injured.

The accident occurred at around 08.00:XNUMX in the Velimeşe neighborhood of the Ergene district. from Edirne Çerkezköy The freight train numbered 13001, going to the direction of the 59th direction, hit the factory service van with license plate 755 ADJ 6, whose driver has not yet been determined at the level crossing. 7 people in the minibus that the train dragged in front of it for a while died and XNUMX people were injured.

Upon the notification of the people around, many ambulances, police, gendarmerie and fire brigades were sent to the accident site. The injured were transported to Çorlu and Çerkezköy He was taken to the hospitals in the districts and was treated. The dead bodies of the deceased were taken to the morgue of Çorlu State Hospital.

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