Free Blue Cruise Expeditions Started in Bursa

free blue cruise voyages started in bursa
free blue cruise voyages started in bursa

The free 'Blue Tour' voyages organized by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of bringing citizens together with the beaches started with a ceremony attended by Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out activities to make citizens feel all the values ​​of Bursa, from its plain to its mountains, from its historical and cultural heritage to its sea, has started the free 'Blue Tour' voyages organized by the Department of Culture and Social Affairs. Within the scope of tours organized for women and children, the bays of Bursa will be visited, starting from the Mudanya coast. The flights, which will be operated on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, will continue until the end of October, weather permitting.

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, AK Party Mudanya District President İnci Söğütlü, council members and citizens attended the ceremony held at the Mudanya pier. Mayor Aktaş, who wished the participants of the blue cruises to have a pleasant day, said that each city has its own unique feature and that many features come together in Bursa. Stating that it is a unique city in many aspects such as nature, sea, agriculture, tourism and spa, Mayor Aktaş said, “Our sea feature is an indisputable fact. In our districts of Gemlik, Mudanya and Karacabey, our coastline to the Sea of ​​Marmara is about 125 kilometers. Due to the busy business life in the city, there are many people who do not or cannot see the sea during the year. With this in mind, we restarted our famous 'Blue Cruise'. We are making this organization for ladies. We started the project in connection with Mimar Sinan Ladies Club in Yıldırım district. We will do it in cooperation with our neighborhood headmen. As long as the weather permits, we will have flights on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until the end of October. I hope you will have fun," he said.

After the speech, the opening cake was cut by the President Aktaş and the children participating in the tour. Later, President Aktaş and his entourage waved goodbye to the first residents of the Gulf tour this season.

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