Fidangor Junction Reorganized

fidangor junction reorganized
fidangor junction reorganized

Junction arrangement and renovation works initiated by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality in areas with heavy city traffic continue with the arrangement and improvement works of Fidangör Signalized Junction located at the intersection of Düz Mahalle Kışla Street and D010 Highway in Altınordu district.

Junction arrangement and renovation works initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality in areas with heavy city traffic continue at full speed. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which has taken new measures against the traffic density caused by the increase in the number of vehicles in the city, has previously completed the Schools Junction, Atasanayi Junction, New Bus Station Junction, Pool Junction, Four Road Junction, Russian Market Junction, Mevlana Junction, Ulubey Junction, Organized Industry. Junction, Municipality Junction and Industry Junction in Unye district, with its arrangement works, it provided a visible relief in traffic.

With the joint works carried out by the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and the Department of Science Affairs, a lane was created for vehicles turning to the right from the Giresun direction on the main road at the Fidangör Signalize Junction, located at the intersection of Düz Mahalle Kışla Street and D010 Highway in Altınordu district, preventing the traffic flow from slowing down. more vehicles were allowed to pass during the light period. In addition, the lane width of 5,5 m for vehicles waiting side by side at the light on Kışla Street was increased to 6,5 m, allowing for easier transitions. Finally, the teams, who also made arrangements for the pedestrian crossings on the intersection, reduced the waiting times to a significant extent by reducing the 4-phase signaling system to 3 phases.


Examining the works on site, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that with a coordinated work, the works were successfully completed at a point that was seen as troublesome.

Stating that they will continue to work on arranging junctions in 19 districts, President Güler said in his statement:

“As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we continue the intersection arrangement works that we started in our districts without interruption. There was a traffic jam at this point where our teams were working. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we are trying to fix this problem. At this point, there are many buildings that have been wrongly done in the past and as a result, very hard corners. We try to fix these as much as possible. As with other intersection arrangement works we have done, a noticeable relief has emerged in traffic with the work we have done at Fidangör Signalized Junction. In addition, while carrying out these works, the cleaning of the culverts belonging to the highways and most of them clogged in this region was carried out by our teams. In other words, while making a place, we also try to deal with other points that are likely to cause problems as much as possible. On the other hand, we carry out these works on a day and time that will not disturb our citizens. In this way, both they do not experience problems and our teams have the opportunity to work comfortably. At this intersection, it will serve our nation in its modern form after the finishing touches to be made by our teams.”

On the other hand, the junction arrangement works carried out by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continue to be appreciated by the citizens.

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