Domestic Car Showcased at TOGG Teknofest

domestic car was showcased at togg teknofest
domestic car was showcased at togg teknofest

Teknofest 2021 was introduced with the ceremony held at Atatürk Airport. Speaking at the introductory meeting, Teknofest Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar said, "We have received a record number of applications, it will be open to the public and for the first time we will see a visual combined with unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aircraft." One of the items that will take place in Teknofest was Togg vehicles.

Teknofest Aviation, Space and Technology Festival, the second largest aviation festival in the world, started on September 2. T21 Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Teknofest Chairman of the Board Selçuk Bayraktar said that there will be firsts in the fourth year of Teknofest. TOGG, which started production and assembly lines at the Gemlik facility, was publicly introduced.

US-based Farasis, with which TOGG cooperates on batteries, develops battery cells suitable for new generation electric vehicles with high energy density. In the statement made by TOGG, "Our strategic partner Farasis has raised the bar in battery technology". According to the statements, thanks to Farasis' new technology, the range of electric cars will increase by 25 percent, and the charging time up to 80 percent capacity will be reduced to less than 20 minutes. Among the features of TOGG, advanced Lithium-ion battery technology was also featured.

With the establishment of production and assembly lines at the TOGG Gemlik facility, it is aimed to unload the first series of cars in the last quarter of 2022. At the start of production, locality will be 51 percent. In 2025, the local rate will reach up to 68 percent. Until 2030, 5 different electric and connected models will be produced on the common platform.

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