Statement from DHMI on Balıkesir Central Airport Electricity Tender

dhmiden balikesir central airport electricity tender
dhmiden balikesir central airport electricity tender

It is necessary to make the following statement regarding the false news about the energy tender to be held for Balıkesir Central Airport, which was published in some newspapers and news sites referring to the claims of a deputy.

In the circulars dated 13.10.2011 and numbered 13316, dated 21.03.2013 and numbered 3003, issued by the TR Ministry of Finance on electricity and natural gas purchases of public administrations; “By the administrations within the scope of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734; It is essential to supply their electricity and natural gas needs through tenders in case they are free consumers with electronic communication services.” is called.

As with all public administrations within this scope, tenders are made for the electrical energy to be used by our General Directorate's service building and affiliated airports and stations in 2022.

Accordingly, our Board of Directors has authorized the Airport Directorate/Directorates to carry out tender procedures.

Balıkesir Central Airport was also put out to tender for the purchase of electrical energy in 2022 with the open tender procedure within the scope of the Public Procurement Law No. 4734. The tender announcement can also be seen on the website of the Authority and will be held on 30.09.2021.

Balıkesir Central Airport is currently open and operated. The flights to the airport, the diversity of the flights, the number of flights, price applications and times are determined by the airline companies in line with the fleet size and commercial preferences of the airline companies, depending on the passenger potential of the region.

Commercial, Air Ambulance, Private Jet, Gendarmerie Traffic Inspection Aircraft and Fire Fighting Flights are carried out at Balıkesir Central Airport, and the minimum level of electrical energy required for keeping the airport operational, maintaining the public service without interruption and maintaining the operation is mandatory.

In the event that a tender is not made for the energy supply, the electricity purchase from the authorized distribution company with the market price will continue in any case.

It is important to supply the need through tenders in order to keep electricity expenses, one of the current expenditure items, below the market price as much as possible.


On the other hand, projects started to be developed within DHMI in order to meet the needed energy with Renewable Energy Systems.

Clean, reliable and environmentally friendly “Renewable Energy Systems” will be used to provide the electrical energy needed for electrically priority systems, facilities and devices such as airports and systems for navigation (Radar, SSY stations, airport special lighting systems, tower, etc.).

According to the feasibility of the Solar Power Plants (SPP) at Antalya, Dalaman, Van, Gaziantep and Erzincan Airports and some navigation stations, and the planned Sivas and Adıyaman Airports SPP facilities, it is calculated that the facilities will pay for themselves within a maximum of 5-6 years.

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