Comprehensive Global Breakthrough with the New C3 from Citroën

Comprehensive global breakthrough with the new c from citroen
Comprehensive global breakthrough with the new c from citroen

Citroën has developed the new C3 model in the hatchback class for the Indian and South American markets as part of its international strategies. The new C3, which was created by working with teams in both regions during the design and development phase; At the same time, it is the first step in the 3 new models that the brand will reveal in its global integration. New C3; Being a versatile hatchback shorter than 4 meters, it has an SUV-inspired design with a high ground clearance, 635 mm large wheels, 180 mm ground clearance and high-level interior space, meeting the driving requirements in both regions. Also new C3; It offers a structure that can meet the needs of everyone with its hardware compatible with smart phones that make life easier, interior comfort, more than 10 rich colors and customizable hardware options. Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée made a statement on the subject; “C3 is the trade name for all our B-segment hatchback models in the world. This does not mean that it will be the same model everywhere. "The new C3 is a unique product that fully reflects the Citroën identity, but it also draws inspiration from these countries in terms of design and is different from the European version." New C3; In order to expand the Citroën product range in India and strengthen the brand's position in South America, especially in Brazil and Argentina, it will be produced in the relevant markets in the first half of 2022 and presented to car lovers.

Citroën, the manufacturer of comfortable, technological and innovative cars, develops the C3, one of the most popular models in its class, according to different market demands within the scope of its global expansion strategy. In this context, the new C3 has been renewed for the Indian and South American markets to start its sales in the first half of 2022. A versatile hatchback at less than 4 metres, the new C3 represents the first member of a three-car model family that will be sold in both regions over the next three years. Designed and produced as a modern hatchback, the new C3 also carries SUV inspirations with its high ground structure, engine hood design and elevated driving position. Designed with the comfort approach unique to Citroën, the new C3; It stands out with its features that provide maximum space spaciousness, smart design, long wheelbase and 10-inch wide touch screen, providing cabin width and facilitating daily life.

Designed with features specific to each region

With modern and efficient engine options adapted to the needs of different regions, the new C3 responds to the mobility and transportation needs of drivers in many ways. The new C3, designed in collaboration with teams from all over India and Latin America during its development phase, was implemented considering the social and cultural needs of both regions. The new C3 stands out against its rivals in the same segment as a car where the finest details are considered according to the markets in different geographies where it will take place in the automotive world. In this respect, the new C3, which represents the beginning of a new era, will meet its users in two regions where it will be the first model of the "C Cubed" program launched in 2019. The model, which will stand out with its carefully determined purchasing and operating costs in the markets it will be in, will play a pioneering role with its features in strengthening the position of the Citroën brand both in the Indian and South American markets.

Modern and powerful hatchback: C3

With its new C3 performance structure, it accompanies the daily use needs in the city as well as a good travel companion for families on long journeys. The new C3 will be offered with suspension suitable for the driving conditions of the market in which it will take place; It also provides superior parking and maneuverability with its 10,20 m turning radius and 3,98 m long body. Offering superior ease of use in busy city life, the vehicle adapts to crowded city life with its superior maneuverability and high-agility structure.

The new C3 developed by considering regional needs; It draws attention with its strong and modern design in its external appearance and offers more than a prestigious hatchback car to its users. The model, which has a compact stance with its length of under 4 meters, exhibits a structure that is loyal to the brand character as well as being innovative, with the details specific to the Citroën brand identity on the engine hood and front grille. In the front design of the vehicle, similar to the C4 and C5 X models, the double-layer headlight design stands out in the first place. The ends of the brand logo in the middle extend in the form of a chrome strip and continue up to the headlights, integrating with the Y-shaped daytime running lights with their unique light signature. At the top of the headlights, which consist of two separate units, there are parking lights, turn signals and daytime running lights. In the lower unit, the low and high beam headlights show themselves. The rear light signature characteristically mimics the two horizontal triangular lines at the front.

Gives an SUV feel

Providing a dynamic appearance with front and rear protective plates, rear cladding, strong and reassuring engine hood design, muscular side body, black fenders showing larger belts and light-shadow effects reveal the impressions of a modern SUV in the new C3. Elements such as the large 635 mm wheels and the black slats surrounding the vehicle also reinforce the SUV feel in the vehicle. Supporting this feeling are sculpted surfaces at the rear with taillights, making the car appear wider. In addition, both ends of the taillights stand out as details that reflect the C3 Aircross. The 3 mm ground clearance of the new C180, and the appropriate bumper design, provide advantages. With all these exterior design features, the new C3 is suitable for use in India, where 40 percent of its roads are unpaved, and South America, which has high pavements. Similarly, the engine hood, which is designed inclined to provide a better view in the heavy traffic of the cities of both countries, improves the high driving position.

Spacious and useful interior

At the same time, the new C3 offers a wide travel area with its length of 3,98 m and meets the expectations in densely populated countries. The new C3, which has a volume that will make five people comfortable, supports this volume with the long space created by the 2,54-meter wheelbase. The front seats offer the best elbow room at 1418mm and the best headroom on the market at 991mm. The rear seats provide best-in-class rear seat legroom at 653mm. Numerous smart storage and storage areas of the new C3 reinforce this comfortable design of the vehicle. The vehicle offers the most generous storage space in its segment, especially the 315-liter luggage feature. Such as a 1 liter glove box, two 1 liter door pockets in the front that can hold a 2 liter bottle with other items, two 1 liter door pockets in the back, two cup holders and a storage compartment in the center console, as well as two cup holders on the back that can be a smartphone holder. areas support interior practicality. Citroën comfort is also evident in the form, width, padding thickness and foam selection of its seats. This comfort inside the cabin is supported by the decor color orange in India and blue in Latin America.

Comfort increases with customizable options

The interior of the new C3 provides customizable options that will make each user realize their own touch. Various accessory catalogs are available with the vehicle, depending on market requirements. Among them; Chrome parts, decorative elements, up to eight seat cover options, sound system and smart phone connection and functional and protective equipment can be selected. The horizontal instrument panel in the driving section of the new C3 offers an attractive appearance, while the center console fills the largest touchscreen in its class with a size of 10 inches (26 cm). With the screen mirroring feature, the user can mirror many smartphone applications to the vehicle. Thanks to Apple CarPlayTM and Android Auto compatibility, users can use applications and multimedia content via touch screen or voice command. Steering wheel controls also support ease of use and driving safety with their ergonomic design. The new C3, a durable, reliable and low-cost B segment car, also reveals its difference with the color range it offers. A total of 11 customization options for India in single and bi-colour, and a total of 13 for South America are offered with the new C3.

Equipment that makes life and journeys easier

Citroën also examines the habits of Indian and South American customers to use new technologies, and offers new special equipment with the C3 to make their lives easier. In this direction, the hardware that will take the integration of smartphones with the C3 to a new level is included in the vehicle. These include a special location for the driver to place the mobile phone in the center console, three special locations for attaching the smartphone holder clamps, two next to the vents at either end of the dash, and one near the center vents. Fast charging USB sockets, one at the front and two at the rear, a 12V socket and a storage space between the front seats, which are also accessible to rear passengers, designed to prevent damage to the mobile phone cable, are also among the equipment that makes the interior more functional. In the Citroën C3, where many details have been considered for functionality, including details such as cable hiding, there are two clips on both sides of the heating controls to route the cables of two smartphones to the USB and 12V sockets. Also inside the glove box are two attachments to hold the cables.

“We are entering new markets”

Citroën CEO Vincent Cobée made a statement on the subject; “C3 is the trade name for all our B-segment hatchback models in the world. This does not mean that it will be the same model everywhere. The new C3 is a unique product that fully reflects the Citroën identity, but it also draws inspiration from these countries in terms of design and is different from the European version. Buying a car is a big investment for customers. As a mainstream brand, our goal is to reach the forefront of the market with a modern, prestigious model that offers high added value in terms of price. A great challenge awaits us. We have to strike a balance between keeping the price range competitive on the one hand, and providing everything customers need on the other. For this, local teams were fully involved in the design, development and production process of the model.” Cobée, who also provides details within the scope of its global strategies; “To secure Citroën's future, we need to strengthen and have a greater international presence in all the markets in which we operate, including South America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and China. Therefore, we are entering new markets, including India, which will soon become the third largest market in the world. To achieve this, we are preparing an ambitious product plan of three models, which will be available in international markets within three years. These are models designed, developed and manufactured in strategic locations, but at the same time reflecting the Citroën character in terms of design and comfort. The new C3 is the first phase of this international growth strategy. Less than 4 meters long, this hatchback targets a large market in India and South America. “It is the perfect product to support Citroën's growth as a modern and connected model.”

First target metropolitan residents in the Indian market

Citroën aims to make this difference with the new C3 in the Indian market, in the new period it started with the aim of producing models in different regions in order to ensure stronger local integration. In India, which is expected to reach sales of more than four million cars per year by 2025, the B-Hatchback segment represents approximately 23% of the market. Offering the first imported model in the country in 5 with the C2021 Aircross, Citroen focuses primarily on the metropolises by presenting the possibility of customization, an expected feature in the Indian market, with the new C3. With the new C100.000 to be produced in Chennai, India, with an annual production capacity of 3 vehicles; It is aimed at young couples and families in their thirties who belong to the rising middle class, have a comfortable income, care about the added value of a product, prefer innovative cars that are durable and easy to maintain, and support smartphones.

South America's hatchback passion will be crowned with the new C3

Citroen, which has been in South America for a long time, including the 1960s, today aims to gain a more solid place with its modern products in line with customer demands. For example, the C4 Cactus, produced in the Porto Real factory, strengthens Citroën's position in Argentina and Brazil with its assertive design and unrivaled comfort. The new C3, on the other hand, symbolizes a real renewal in the region with its modern design, connectivity and in-car comfort. Manufactured in Porto Real, Brazil, the new C3 symbolizes a real renewal in the region with its modern design, connectivity and in-car comfort. It is aimed that the B-Hatch segment, which accounts for almost 30% of the market in Brazil and about 26% in Argentina, will breathe new life into the new C3. Active couples in their forties, married and with two children, looking for a prestigious, versatile and spacious car for short daily trips and weekend getaways in these regions are entering the branding of the new C3. Also on the radar of the new C3 are the independent and active singles in their thirties, living in cities, with a slightly above-average monthly income, and looking for an elegant, solid and reliable vehicle for modernity and status. New C3; It will be available in Latin American countries including Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador.


Since 1919, Citroën has been developing cars, technologies and transportation solutions to respond to developments in society. As an assertive and innovative brand, Citroën places serenity and peace at the center of the customer experience. Offering a wide range of models, from the unique Ami, an electric transportation vehicle designed for the city, to sedans, SUVs and commercial vehicles, most of which have electric or rechargeable hybrid powertrains, Citroën also takes care of its individual and professional customers as a leading brand with its services. is showing. Citroën operates in 6200 countries with 101 authorized dealers and authorized service points worldwide.

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