Central Bank to Hire 40 Assistant IT Specialists

central bank will recruit assistant IT specialists
central bank will recruit assistant IT specialists

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey will recruit to the staff of Assistant Specialist to work in the field of informatics.

The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey carries out its activities with the vision of being among the leading central banks of the world with its independence, reliability, effective organization, competent human resources, innovative approach, effective communication and superior technological infrastructure.

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Employees working in the field of informatics;

. They contribute to the creation and implementation of information technology strategies in line with the bank's vision,

. They provide the software, hardware, communication infrastructures needed for the fulfillment of the tasks undertaken by the bank within the framework of its position in the country's economy and financial system, and the security and continuity of these infrastructures,

. They develop applications such as payment systems, reserve management and markets data distribution system, which are critical for the financial system,

. They offer big data technologies, analysis infrastructures and data sharing services to support the intensive data exchange needed for the bank's data-driven decision-making processes.

Number of Persons to be recruited: Assistant Specialist (40 persons)

Mode of Study: Full-time / Permanent

Working Place: Istanbul and Ankara

– General Directorate of Information Technologies

– General Directorate of Payment Systems and Financial Technologies

– General Directorate of Data Governance and Statistics

Recruitment Process

1. Application Conditions (08 September-04 October 2021)

In people wanted to be taken to ensure that the general conditions of the Central Bank of Turkey.

Being born on 01.01.1987 and later.

Not being eliminated at the commission interview stage of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey recruitment exams held after 01.01.2019.

To have completed undergraduate education in computer engineering, electrical-electronic engineering, electronic engineering, electronic and communication engineering, software engineering, information systems engineering, industrial engineering, management engineering programs of higher education institutions in Turkey or abroad, which provide at least four years of education and whose equivalence is recognized by the Council of Higher Education.

At least 01.01.2018 English points from the Foreign Language Proficiency Exam (YDS) or Electronic Foreign Language Exam (e-YDS) administered after 70 or at least 84 from the Test of English as a Foreign Language Internet-Based Test (TOEFL iBT) A score of B or higher on the Cambridge C1 Advanced examination (CAE) or a C or higher on the Cambridge C2 Proficiency examination (CPE).

2. General Aptitude Exam (16-17 October 2021)

The general aptitude test will be conducted using the test method. As a result of the ranking to be made according to the general aptitude test score, the first 480 candidates (including the candidates who got the same score as the last candidate) will be called for the written vocational exam.

3. Written Profession Exam (06-07 November 2021)

Written vocational exam will be held with the classical method.

The exam will consist of a total of twelve questions, one from each of the following topics. Candidates will be required to answer all questions from common subjects and two selected questions from elective subjects. The weight of each of the common questions will be 10%, and the weight of each of the elective questions will be 25%.

Common Topics (Weight 50%)

. Operating systems

. Data Structures and Algorithms

. System Development and Modeling

. Database Systems

. SQL Query

Optional Subject Headings (Weight 50%)

. Software development

. Cyber ​​security

. Computer Networks and System Administration

. Big Data, Distributed Data Processing Analysis

. Data Engineering

. Machine Learning

. Container-Based Virtualization

The first 50 candidates (including those who get the same score as the last candidate) with a score of 160 or more in the written vocational exam will be called for a commission interview.

4. Personality and Competency Tests (20-22 November 2021)

Candidates will be given personality and competency tests before the commission interview.

5. Commission Interview (29 November-10 December 2021)

In the commission interview, the candidates will be evaluated in terms of their mastery of current socio-economic issues and the subjects required by the profession, the evaluation will be made over 100 full points by each commission member, and the candidate's interview score will be found by taking the average of the scores given.

For each candidate with an interview score of 70 or more, the average of the written vocational exam score given over 100 points and the interview score will be calculated, and the candidate success score will be found. The number of candidates determined according to the candidate success score ranking will be considered successful.

In case of those who are not appointed as the main candidates as a result of the commission interview, or those who leave their positions at the Bank for any reason, 70 candidates will be determined as substitutes, valid until 10, according to the candidate success ranking, provided that the interview score is above 01.04.2022 points, in order to be able to be appointed to their place.

Application Procedures

Applications will be made electronically from 08.09.2021 until 04.10.2021 at 17.30 on the human resources page of our Bank's website (insankaynaklari.tcmb.gov.tr), by uploading the following documents. Applications submitted in person or by post will not be considered.

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