Castrol Ford Team Turkey Completes Green Bursa Rally

castrol ford team completes turkey green bursa rally
castrol ford team completes turkey green bursa rally

Castrol Ford Team Turkey successfully completed the 2021th Green Bursa Rally, the 3rd leg of Shell Helix 45 Turkey Rally Championship, one of the most prestigious sports organizations of our country, held last weekend. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which participated in the organization with its young talents, completed the 'brands' and 'youth' championships as the leader, and took the lead again in the 'two-wheel drive' championship.

Green Bursa Rally, the 3rd leg of Shell Helix Turkey Rally Championship, was held in Bursa between 4-5 September this year. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which also gave points for the Turkish Historic Rally Championship and the Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup, succeeded in completing the 'brands' and 'youth' categories as the leader. Castrol Ford Team Turkey, which once again took the lead in the 'two-wheel drive' category, returned from Bursa with very important points.

Ali Türkkan – Aras Dinçer, rose to leadership again in 'two-wheel drive'

Promising young pilot of Castrol Ford Team Turkey Ali Türkkan and his co-pilot Aras Dinçer achieved the third place in the general classification ahead of many four-wheel drive vehicles with their two-wheel drive vehicle, and found morale before the Serbian Rally. With this performance, Türkkan also showed that he is the biggest candidate for the championship in the Serbian Rally, where he will go as the leader of the 'youth' and 'two-wheel drive' categories in the Balkan Championship. Young talent Ümit Can Özdemir and his co-driver Batuhan Memişyazıcı, who dropped to the 48th place with the times he lost on the first day, made up for their losses on the second day of the race and finished the race in 8th place in the general classification, thus protecting their third place in the Turkish Rally Championship.

Emre Hasbay – Burak Erdener duo continued to lead the 'young pilots'

Another young pilot of Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Emre Hasbay and his co-pilot Burak Erdener continued to lead the 'young pilots', while Ali Türkkan, along with his co-pilot Aras Dinçer, managed to rise to the lead again in the 'two-wheel drive'. Castrol Ford Team Turkey showed that it is a strong candidate in every category for the Rally Serbia, the next stop, with its young drivers, with the results it received in the Yeşil Bursa Rally.

2021 Turkey Rally Championship Calendar:

  • 16-17 October Aegean Rally İzmir (Asphalt)
  • 13-14 November Kocaeli Rally (Ground)
  • 27-28 November Istanbul Rally (Ground)
  • Excitement was also at its peak in the Fiesta Rally Cup

Competition and excitement were never lacking in the Fiesta Rally Cup, Turkey's longest running single brand cup, open to rally drivers from all walks of life. In the Fiesta Rally Cup, Kağan Karamanoğlu managed to stand out from his strong rivals together with Ford Fiesta R2T and his new co-pilot, Oytun Albayrak, with whom he raced for the first time. The duo placed 2st in both the 'general classification' and the 'R1T' group in the Fiesta Rally Cup.

Okan Tanrıverdi – Sevilay Genç duo, on the other hand, came to the finish in the 2nd place in the Fiesta Rally Cup with their Fiesta R2 cars, maintaining their fast and stable tempo in this race as well, and with this result, they succeeded in being the 2nd in the 'General Classification' and the 2st in the 'R1' group. they showed. Emrah Ali Başo – Yasin Tomurcuk duo won the 3rd place in the General Classification with Ford Fiesta ST, and the Bursa team thus managed to be the 1st in the ST/R1 Group.

The standings in the Fiesta Rally Cup after the Yeşil Bursa Rally were as follows:

  • Tansel Karasu- Yuksel Karasu (Fiesta Rally4) 31,6 points
  • And Sunman-Yılmaz Özden (Fiesta R2) 31,4 points
  • Okan Tanriverdi-Sevilay Genc (Fiesta R2) 29,4 points

The Fiesta Rally Cup, which was started by Turkish rally legends Serdar Bostancı and Castrol Ford Team Turkey with its new format since 2017 and organized exclusively for Ford Fiestas, continues to make experienced pilots of all ages and promising young pilots a part of a professional team. The next leg of the Fiesta Rally Cup, which offers a highly competitive environment, will be held in Izmir on October 16-17 and will be held under the umbrella of the Aegean Rally, which will also give points to the Turkish Rally Championship.

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