Caravan Enthusiasts Gathered in Bursa

caravan enthusiasts met in bursa
caravan enthusiasts met in bursa

More than 200 caravan drivers from different provinces of Turkey came together at the Camping and Caravan Festival held in Bursa's Orhaneli district.

Bursa Camping and Caravan Festival, organized in Orhaneli Karagöz Recreation Area with the initiatives of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Orhaneli Municipality and Bursa Culture, Tourism and Promotion Association, brought together camp and caravan enthusiasts.

Campers and caravans from different parts of Turkey to Bursa's Orhaneli District settled in the pine forest on the southern slopes of Uludağ. While campers and caravans enjoyed the unique view of Uludağ, the Local Products Festival within the scope of the event offered a different flavor to the palates in the products produced organically in the region. Within the scope of Organic Products Festival, women's cooperatives producing food in Bursa and agricultural products grown in Orhaneli, Harmancık, Büyükorhan and Keles regions were also promoted. In the food area created within the scope of the festival, campers and caravans participating in the festival had the opportunity to meet their food and beverage needs with organic products. In the opening ceremony of the festival, the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theater's Yok Yere Temaşa team gave pleasant moments to nature lovers with their performances. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursa Deputy Osman Mesten, Orhaneli Mayor Ali Aykurt, Büyükorhan Mayor Ahmet Korkmaz and Harmancık Mayor Yılmaz Ataş also attended the opening ceremony of Bursa Camping and Caravan Festival.

Treasure for nature tourism

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş stated that the mountain districts, which make up only 1,5 percent of Bursa's population, are a great treasure for nature tourism and that they have made significant investments in this area. Reminding that one of Turkey's most important rafting tracks was brought to Orhaneli by Orhaneli Municipality with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Aktaş emphasized that they are happy to host camp and caravan enthusiasts in Bursa. Expressing that people are now turning to nature instead of spending their holidays in hotels, especially with the pandemic process, Mayor Aktaş said, “We started the camp caravan festival in Orhaneli this year, it will be in Harmancık next year. With the work we will do in a few years, we will see the change in this region together. 81 provinces of our country are also beautiful, but Bursa is another beautiful one. We have a problem with tourism, we have excitement. It is a great pleasure for us to host camp and caravan enthusiasts here.”

We look to the future with hope

Bursa Deputy Osman Mesten also reminded that Bursa, which is one of the first three cities in Turkey in terms of exports and a strong city in industry, agriculture and trade, cannot get rid of tourism. Expressing that Bursa has countless natural beauties, Mesten said, “A little more effort is needed in tourism. The rafting track that we opened in the past months has become one of the most important areas of Turkey. Our four mountain districts of Keles, Orhaneli, Büyükorhan and Harmancık have the potential to serve our country and even the world in terms of rural tourism. Our Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities have important works in this regard. That's why we look to the future with hope," he said.

Orhaneli Mayor Ali Aykurt said that more than 1000 foreign tourists came to the rafting course, which they opened in June with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality, in such a short time. Reminding that the Karagöz Picnic Area, where the festival is held, is a natural center of attraction, Aykurt noted that the restaurant and bungalow houses built by the Metropolitan Municipality are about to be completed, and that the region will become a center of attraction with the renovation of the service units in the area they will build again this winter.

Hayriye Yıldız, the President of the Camp and Caravan Association of a Passion, Eray Çakın, the President of the Bursa Camping and Caravan Association, and Leyla Özdağ, the President of the National Camping and Caravan Federation, also thanked the Metropolitan and Orhaneli Municipality for bringing campers and caravans together with such an event.

President Aktaş presented a thank you plaque to the social media phenomena Letsgokaravan, ZOE Bus Lıfe and Hikmet Uncle, Rotasız Baran and Hello People, who added a different color to the festival with their talk programs.

After the opening ceremony, President Aktaş visited the local product stands with the members of the protocol. Mayor Aktaş also distributed fruit saplings to the guests at the stand established by the Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department.

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