Works Started on Bursaray City Hospital Line

Works have started on bursaray city hospital line
Works have started on bursaray city hospital line

Friday… Bursaray 'i last stop Labor Station 'from the Pass-Balat the route City Hospital 'What will it deliver and all underground in the work to be done project changes completed, construction Behind Balat We got the information that it started.

To get an image City Hospital 'on the side of Start 'When we climbed the hill that sees the Balat-Sehir Hospital on the route between open land arrangement We saw them start working.


Last night and yesterday morning Mudanya Road on you Labor-Pass between Red and white colored mobile road separation systems were installed.


Excavations on Mudanya Road are next week. will start.


on April 2 Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu 'The foundation was laid with a ceremony attended by Council of state'The tender was renewed with the cancellation of Bursaray City Hospital Work on the line started as planned.

At this point…

Mudanya Road 'It is known that the increasing traffic density of the What awaits drivers during metro construction question comes to mind.

We can answer him as follows:

Bursaray 'ı Labor'th City Hospital 'what will extend the first project for the metro line is prepared Mudanya Road 'the closure of the traffic, as alternative routes. from the neighborhood was scheduled to be given.


Passage'in functional, Mudanya Road 'Due to the dense arterial Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur AktaşAt the insistence and effort of tender cancellation turned into opportunity to project change gone.

In the new project…

Round-trip 3-lane Mudanya Road 'Only 1 lane of the metro will be closed during the construction of the metro, and 2 lanes will be open for each round trip. In addition, transportation will be provided by alternative routes planned within the neighborhood.

We hope, hassle free process experienced and the metro construction ends in its planned time.

Source: Ahmet Emin Yılmaz / Event



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