The Top 250 Large Firms Research in Bursa Concluded

The first big company research in bursa has been concluded
The first big company research in bursa has been concluded

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) sheds light on the city economy Bursa Top 250 Firms Research – 2020 the results became clear. BTSO Chairman of the Board İbrahim Burkay stated that 2020 was accepted as a lost year all over the world due to the pandemic, and said, “Bursa business world has exhibited a strong example of struggle against the biggest crisis in recent history. All of our companies, which continue to add value to the city and national economy despite extraordinary conditions, deserve great appreciation.” said.

BTSO, the umbrella organization of the Bursa business world, presents important findings for the development of the city and country's economy with its research on turnover, exports, employment, added value, profitability, equity and net assets of companies in Bursa, the locomotive city of the Turkish economy. According to the results of the 24 Large Firms Survey, which was held for the 250th time this year, the total domestic and foreign sales of the companies included in the list are 2020 percent in 14,7 compared to the previous year; Net sales from production also increased by 17,7 percent. The added value obtained from the activities of these companies grew by 2020 percent in 21. A 250 percent contraction was recorded in the value added created by the first 2019 companies in 9,1.


In 2020, when public support for financing and workforce was offered to businesses, significant increases were recorded in the profits of 250 large companies in Bursa. Accordingly, the profits of the companies on the list, which decreased by 2019 percent in 1,5, were realized at a high rate of 2020 percent in 42,5. Due to the increase in profits, the equity capital of the companies in question increased by 22,3 percent. The rate of increase in the net assets of the companies in question was 25,5 percent. Exports and employment were the two indicators of the first 250 large companies in Bursa that were adversely affected by the pandemic conditions. The exports of the companies on the list shrank by 2020 percent in 14,2. Depending on the developments in domestic demand and exports, there was a 2020 percent decrease in employment in 1,8.


In 250, 2020 big companies in Bursa reached 189 billion TL in their net sales, 30,6 billion TL in their added value, and 49,9 billion TL in their equities. The assets of these companies were recorded as 145,7 billion TL, their sales from production as 139,4 billion TL and their profits for the period as 12,6 billion TL. The exports of 250 large companies in 2020 amounted to 9,8 billion dollars. The total employment of the first 250 companies in 2020 was 149 thousand.


In Bursa, the locomotive city of the Turkish economy, the first 2019 companies ranked according to their net sales in 6 maintained their positions this year as well. As in 31,2, Oyak Renault took the first place with 2019 billion TL. Tofaş ranks second with TL 24,7 billion, while Bosch ranks third with TL 8,4 billion. Borcelik, Limak, Sütaş, Pro Yem, Yazaki Systems, Beyçelik Gestamp and Asil Çelik followed the 3 companies in question, respectively. Of the companies in the ranking, 68 are automotive sub-industry, 43 are textiles, 30 are food, agriculture and livestock, 22 are retail trade, 17 are machinery and equipment, 13 are metal, 7 are ready-to-wear, 7 wood forest products and furniture, 6 plastic, 5 cement, soil products and mining, 5 energy, 5 environment and recycling, 4 construction, 4 automotive main industry, 3 economic relations and finance, 3 services, training and consultancy, 3 chemistry, 3 logistics, 1 electrical-electronics, 1 health.


Evaluating the results of the research, İbrahim Burkay, Chairman of the Board of BTSO, said that 2020 witnessed one of the most important breakdowns in recent history, both on a global scale and in Turkey. Emphasizing that the main conditions of the companies are determined by the effects of the pandemic and the policies implemented due to the pandemic, President Burkay stated that extraordinary conditions have different reflections on the sectors. Stating that they have been trying to get through the sensitive process with the least damage with comprehensive quarantine practices, travel restrictions and physical isolation since March 2020, İbrahim Burkay said, “Many of our sectors, especially in the field of tourism and services, struggled to survive in the face of extraordinary conditions. In this process, we, as BTSO, stood by our companies, as always, with the strong communication network we established with our members, and hundreds of meetings we held on the digital platform and face-to-face. During the pandemic period, the demands we conveyed to our umbrella organization TOBB and our state institutions in line with the expectations of our Bursa business world were met to a large extent, and thanks to the support shaped by the needs of our companies, the crisis was prevented from deepening.” said.


Expressing that the 'Top 250 Large Firms Research', which they prepared as one of the most comprehensive field studies in Bursa, the locomotive city of the Turkish economy, reflects the performance of the companies in the face of extraordinary conditions, İbrahim Burkay said, “In 2020, when extraordinary conditions are experienced, we will have a strong position in line with the development goals of our city and our country. Our companies that are struggling deserve a lot of appreciation. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all our companies that add value to our city and country's economy. As BTSO, we will continue to develop production, trade, employment and support all our companies.” used the phrases.


Stating that the pandemic conditions continue to force companies despite the efforts to gain social immunity against coronavirus and normalization, BTSO Chairman of the Board Burkay emphasized that it is critical for the public to continue supporting production, trade, exports and employment. Stating that the fight against high interest rates and high inflation will bring along new investments and employment increases, İbrahim Burkay said that they expect exchange rates to be in a stable structure.


Stating that Turkey's move on the axis of technological transformation and efficiency in its production structure has become a necessity rather than a choice, Burkay continued as follows: “For this reason, we should create new areas of leap forward that will carry us forward in global competition by focusing on localization and becoming self-sufficient. While increasing production, employment and exports on the one hand, we also need to focus on the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, innovation, high value-added technological products and accelerate the transition to economies of scale. In line with our sustainable growth targets, we must also focus on the circular economy, the importance of which is increasing every year. Because technology and our level of resource allocation for the future will also determine the place of our Bursa and our country in global competition.”

Results of the Top 250 Large Firms Survey It can also be viewed on the website with an extension.

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