Bursa is Ambitious for the '2022 Capital of Culture of the Turkic World'

Bursa ' Ambitious For The Turkish World Culture Capital
Bursa ' Ambitious For The Turkish World Culture Capital

The opening program in Khiva, Uzbekistan, which was declared the 2020 Turkic World Capital of Culture by the International Organization of Turkic Culture (TÜRKSOY), was held with magnificent dance performances. Alinur Aktaş, Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in Uzbekistan, said that Bursa is an ambitious candidate for the 2022 Turkish World Capital of Culture.

The opening program of the 'Uzbekistan Hive 2020 Cultural Capital of the Turkic World', which was postponed due to the coronavirus, which was effective all over the world last year, was held in the historical Citadel. The city of Khiva turned into an open-air show space with dance and light shows. The artists participating in the event set up a stage in all the streets and performed traditional music and dance performances. Hundreds of people filling the area had unforgettable moments and accompanied the staged dance and theater performances. Within the scope of the event, the opening of the Turkish World Capital of Culture Photography Exhibition, organized by TURKSOY, was also held. Within the scope of the event, a fashion show consisting of creations reflecting the traditional motifs of Uzbekistan was also organized.

The artists who took the stage in the program also exhibited examples from different geographies such as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Hungary, as well as regional music and dance performances of Uzbekistan.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who is in Uzbekistan due to Bursa's candidacy for the 2022 Turkish World Capital of Culture, said that Hive, the 2020 Turkish World Culture Capital, was the scene of a magnificent show. President Alinur Aktaş thanked the authorities of Uzbekistan who organized the organization and said, “Khive is a very historical and ancient city. It is a very important city for the Turkish world. Events could not be held in 2021 due to the pandemic. Towards the end of 2021, a magnificent final took place. Two days later, the 2022 Turkish World Capital of Culture will be decided. As Bursa, we are candidates and we are assertive. We are determined to make better organizations," he said.

Explaining that a magnificent atmosphere was created with the coming together of the entire Turkish world, Mayor Aktaş said, “People accompanied the dances with great excitement. In particular, the Hive team hosted the artists and folklore teams of all countries. Thank you to those who contributed to the great night. I wish the unity and solidarity of the Turkish world to continue increasingly. I would also like to thank TÜRKSOY, who organized the beautiful organization.”

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