Türkan Sabancı Baby Park with Bosphorus View was put into service

Turkan Sabanci Baby Park with Bosphorus View Entered Service
Turkan Sabanci Baby Park with Bosphorus View Entered Service

Türkan Sabancı Bebek Park, whose renovation works were completed with the cooperation of İBB and Sabancı Foundation, was put into service. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, together with Sabancı Foundation Board of Trustees Chairperson Güler Sabancı, made investigations in the field. Emphasizing that they are open to such collaborations with individuals, institutions and organizations that contribute to both Istanbul and the city, İmamoğlu also spoke about the boat parking in the Bosphorus. Noting that they banned boat parking on the Bebek coast, İmamoğlu said, “We have established a seating area for people to enjoy the beautiful scenery both the Bosphorus and across the Bosphorus.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, together with Sabancı Foundation Chairman of the Board of Trustees Güler Sabancı, visited the "Türkan Sabancı Bebek Park", whose landscape was completed, and the reorganized coastline. Tarek Khalil, Consul General of the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is adjacent to Bebek Park, accompanied İmamoğlu and Sabancı on the tour. İmamoğlu gave his evaluation speech about the study tour in front of the “leaning sofa” tree, which is one of the symbols of the park. Stating that they completed the renovation works of the park and the coastline in cooperation with the Sabancı Foundation, İmamoğlu said, “Baby Park is one of the very special corners of Istanbul. We knew that the Sabancı Foundation paid special attention to this beautiful place and contributed to its construction. Because on that occasion, it bears the name of the very valuable Türkan Sabancı lady.”


Emphasizing that they cooperated with the Sabancı Foundation out of respect for the people, institutions and organizations that contribute to both Istanbul and the city, İmamoğlu shared the following information about the renovation works:

“For once, its naturalness has never been touched. In fact, it has been preserved and improved. Special measures have been taken to ensure that some threatened plants and trees continue their long-term lives with a special effort in this sense. Many points, especially the car park, which disturb this place due to its appearance, have been carefully arranged and it has been made to be worthy of the environment, befitting Baby. There were commercial points here. Again, adjustments and corrections were made on these points. Their existence was also preserved. Unfortunately, there was a completely collapsed section in the beach section. There was a serious collaboration here. While this cooperation was being made, about 160 piles had to be driven on the beach. This was a 35 meter deep piling job. We have established a seating area to prevent inappropriate boat parking in terms of being open to human use, and to allow people to watch the beautiful scenery both the Bosphorus and across the Bosphorus to its fullest. We have completely banned parking here.”


Expressing that they are working on the parking lot along the Bosphorus, İmamoğlu noted that discussions are continuing with the relevant ministry and governorship on this issue. Noting that they were in contact with the Egyptian Consulate in the region during the works, İmamoğlu thanked Consul General Khalil for their understanding. Expressing his thanks to Sabancı, İmamoğlu said, “I would like to express my wish to Ms. Türkan, whose name lives here, may God give her good health and her life to continue with beauty. A city structure where such green areas and parks are put into use at the highest level and where the greenery is protected and nature is protected and developed is the most important guarantee of the future of Istanbul. Underlining this, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all those who contributed.”

SABANCI: “The result is in the middle”

In his speech, Sabancı also gave information about their involvement in the process of the park. “In 2008, we restored the arrangement of Türkan Sabancı Bebek Park with the care of a work of art, with the work of Italian architect Ermanno Casasco and his team, while preserving centuries-old trees. Working together with foundations, public institutions, municipalities and all stakeholders, it is very valuable that we protect and protect the projects we realize. Türkan Sabancı Bebek Park, which has been renewed by preserving and developing green and nature, is a very good example of our multi-stakeholder working approach. Once again, I would like to thank all the employees of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, especially Mr. Mayor, for their valuable contributions in this transformation process, and I hope that our renewed and renewed park will be a part of many people's pleasant moments.


İmamoğlu, Sabancı and Khalil experienced the new seating groups positioned in the park and had their photo taken on the beach with the Bosphorus view. After the examination, İmamoğlu toured the artist Alper Aydın's exhibition titled “Road”, which can be seen at the Baby Exhibition.

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