My Colorful Classroom Project Reached 3.723 Children

my color class project has reached cocuga
my color class project has reached cocuga

The “My Colorful Classroom” project, initiated in 2018 by TAÇ, Turkey's leading home textile brand, in partnership with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG), reached 13 children in 48 schools in 3.723 cities. The project aims to raise awareness about volunteering and good living together, which turns the pictures made by children into screens. kazanIt forms the basis for the construction of a more beautiful world with the ateliers that endure.

TAÇ, the leading brand of home textiles in Turkey, has so far launched the “My Colorful Classroom” project in partnership with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG); Reaching 13 children in 48 schools in 3.723 cities, including Mardin, Samsun, Kastamonu, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Manisa, Sivas, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Erzincan, İstanbul, Kütayha and Van, the paintings carried out by the children to the screen. The project, which started in 2018, contributed to the development of children's imaginations through workshops and painting trainings organized by Community Volunteer youth. Within the scope of the project, which was interrupted due to the pandemic, with the start of the new academic year, curtains decorated with pictures drawn by children colored the classrooms.

Thanks to the project, children's sense of belonging to school increases

With the “My Colorful Classroom” project, which started its journey in Mardin and continued with Van, the pictures made by the children were turned into curtains by TAÇ in their own production facilities and then stuck in the classrooms. Thus, the sense of belonging to the school was reinforced for the children, who were happy to be educated in the classrooms colored by the curtains with the pictures they drew.

Thanks to the workshops, children learn to take responsibility

The project developed by TAÇ together with the Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG); By organizing workshops that raise the awareness of primary school children on solidarity, civil society and a good life together, it also raises children's awareness of taking responsibility for a better life. Children who develop their creativity in workshops held with the participation of Community Volunteer youth and Zorlu Tekstil volunteers; they also have the opportunity to reflect on issues such as volunteering, protecting the rights of living things, civil society and a good life together, and reinforce this with games. The “My Colorful Classroom” project, which could not be realized last year due to the pandemic, aims to touch the dreams of more children by reaching more schools this year.

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