Audi at Autoshow 2021 Mobility with Products and Services

at autoshow mobility with audi products and services
at autoshow mobility with audi products and services

At Turkey's first digital Autoshow, Autoshow 2021 Mobility, Audi is promoting the RS 6 Avant, whose performance models have become the icon of the RS family, as well as the models it puts on sale in Turkey.

Audi exhibits the 2021 model at Autoshow 10 Mobility, Turkey's first digital auto show. In addition to the completely renewed version of the RS 6 Avant, the iconic model of the RS world, the members of the Q model family, the Q8, Q7, Q5 Sportback, and Q3 Sportback: A6 Sedan, A5 Convertible, A4 allroad, S3 Sedan and A3 Sportback models also meet with automobile enthusiasts.

Visitors visiting the Audi stand during the fair will be able to make configurations and access detailed information about the model by clicking on the vehicle images.

In addition to the models it exhibits during the fair, Audi conveys its services with four different kiosks.

Audi's first kiosk at the show aims to provide insights into the brand's vision, ideas and passion. From the kiosk, visitors will be directed to, where they can examine how Audi will take the steps to take the world forward, shape the mobility of the future, and will have the opportunity to observe the future perspective of the brand, as well as witness how it develops sustainable mobility solutions with innovative designs and breakthrough technologies.

Video call kiosk – Audirect

Audirect service, where Audi enthusiasts can make video calls with their preferred Audi Authorized Dealer from anywhere, anytime, is offered at this kiosk at the fair. Audi Turkey's sales application AUDIRECT, which was commissioned in June 2020 and became more preferred with the COVID-19 outbreak, became a platform that Audi customers showed great interest in, especially during the closure period due to the epidemic. In AUDIRECT, known as Audi Turkey's video sales service, visitors can get involved in the sales process by meeting with the sales representative as if they were physically in a showroom.

Audi Shop and Genuine Accessory kiosks from

The other two kiosks that the visitors of the fair will be able to benefit from during the fair are Audi Shop and Original Accessory, where they will be directed from the platform.

Many different products, from clothing inspired by Audi's understanding of technology and design, to model vehicles, from souvenirs to vehicle accessories, are available at the Audi Shop.

Genuine Accessories produced exclusively for Audi, on the other hand, offers products in different categories to Audi owners who want to personalize their vehicles, where every detail is considered.

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