Attention to the Feeling of Unworthiness in Adolescence!

attention to feelings of worthlessness in adolescence
attention to feelings of worthlessness in adolescence

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Adolescence is the transition period from childhood to adulthood. Puberty begins between the ages of 9-14 in boys and between the ages of 8-13 in girls. During this period, sexual, physical and psychological changes occur. His life is turbulent as the child undergoes intense changes over the course of a few years. He completes this period as a child as an adult. Due to psychological changes, he may experience communication problems with his family, his environment and even with himself. Sometimes, even outbursts of anger may occur.

The behavior of the family towards the child during adolescence is important. It is best to set limits instead of punishing the child, who is in the process of gaining an identity and forming his own self. In addition, parents should keep their worries away from the child. Parents; should make their children feel that they are valuable with their presence and the love they show. Because children who cannot find enough love at home, look for this love outside during adolescence and may try to complete their need for belonging with the wrong choice of friends.

What we call childhood is already a very short period because with adolescence, children mostly want to spend time with their peers more than you or prefer to be alone in their rooms. The thing is, at least, with the quality time you spend with them for the first 4 years, children feel they are valued for a lifetime.

Mothers should enjoy your motherhood instead of working for the first 4 years if it is not essential and if possible. Witness the miraculous change of your child by living in the present, not the past or the future. Fathers, don't be late coming home from work and get rid of your work fatigue with your family, not with your friends, by establishing love communication. Let go of the phone and the remote from your hands and caress the hair of your love-hungry children, touch them tenderly.

Remember: The child who feels that he is valuable sees himself as valuable and does not fall in love with someone who does not value himself in adolescence; does not devalue himself with the wrong choices he has made.

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