Attention! Home Accidents Leave Children Blind

attention home accidents leave children scared
attention home accidents leave children scared

The Turkish Ophthalmology Association (TOD) announced that eye injuries in both adults and children have increased remarkably as a result of accidents at home during the pandemic period.

Head of Ocular Trauma and Medicolegal Ophthalmology Unit of Turkish Ophthalmology Association Prof. Dr. Erdinç Aydın stated that children under the age of 4 were the most exposed to eye injuries in accidents that occurred at home during the pandemic period, and that permanent vision loss was experienced.

55 million people per year

prof. Dr. Erdinç Aydın, stating that eye traumas are among the most common causes of vision loss in Turkey as well as all over the world, said, “According to the data of the World Health Organization, 55 million eye injuries occur every year. Every year, 19 million people lose their sight unilaterally, and 1 million 600 thousand people lose their sight bilaterally (loss of vision in both eyes) every year due to eye traumas. said.

Home accidents leave you blind

Noting that 41% of traumas occur in home accidents in our country as well as in the world, Prof. Dr. Aydın said, “The most common blunt body traumas occur with a rate of 32 percent, followed by injuries with glass, scissors and knives sharp objects with 14 percent. 70% of injuries occur in the form of injuries to the anterior segment, that is, the transparent part of the eye. Another important development is that due to the increase in home accidents during the Covid-19 pandemic period, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of domestic eye traumas. he said.

What are the ways to reduce home accidents?

Emphasizing that eye traumas in adults are often in the form of work accidents and sports injuries, it is necessary to make it mandatory for employees to use 3 mm polycarbonate goggles and visors, and to encourage their use by inspecting them at regular intervals. Dr. Aydin continued:

“The protection of the glasses to be used to prevent sports traumas differs depending on whether the sport is contact or non-contact. Many childhood injuries can be prevented with simple precautions. The use of protected grounding-sockets, keeping sharp and piercing objects closed or out of reach of children, sticking silicone frames on sharp cabinet and door edges, fixing TV and glass cabinets with the possibility of revolution, putting stoppers on doors, door handles not having sharp corners will prevent many possible accidents.

Children under the age of 4 are victims of accidents

prof. Dr. Erdinç Aydın also stated that there was a decrease in traffic accidents and out-of-home accidents during the pandemic process, while there was an increase in home accidents and eye injuries due to abuse. He added that especially boys under the age of 4 are more affected by trauma and experience permanent vision loss.

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