Toyota at Autoshow 2021 with Hybrid Models

Toyota at the autoshow with its low-emissions record-breaking hybrids
Toyota at the autoshow with its low-emissions record-breaking hybrids

Toyota took its place at the Autoshow 2021 Mobility Fair, which was held digitally after four years with the theme of "There is a Toyota Hybrid for everyone", and presented its remarkable mobility products to the likes. Displaying 4 hybrid models from different segments at the fair, namely Yaris, Corolla HB, C-HR, Corolla Sedan, RAV6 and Camry, Toyota also introduced the legendary pick-up Hilux to the light commercial segment and the Proace City, which is acclaimed for its business performance and passenger car comfort. at the digital fair. Toyota also introduced the champion car GR Yaris at the Toyota Gazoo Racing digital booth.

“The lowest average emissions with hybrids are in Toyota”

Toyota Turkey Marketing and Sales Inc. CEO Ali Haydar Bozkurt, in his speech for the visitors from the digital booth; Stating that “Mobility”, the theme of the Autoshow, offers an ideal environment for Toyota to show its vision for the future, “Our brand is no longer just an automobile brand, but a “Mobility” company that wants to realize a world where everyone moves freely. We take our place at the fair with our many prototype products from autonomous electric vehicles to humanoid robots at our mobility stand. As Toyota, we are also exhibiting all our models equipped with hybrid technology and our vehicles in the light commercial segment.”

Pointing out that Toyota's hybrid cars, which do not cause range anxiety, provide many advantages, especially in urban usage, Bozkurt said, “Environment and climate change issues are now at the top of the agenda all over the world. The whole world, especially Europe, is making serious decisions about nature-friendly cars. Continuing to work on this issue for nearly 50 years, Toyota has always been one step ahead in this technology by producing a hybrid version of every passenger model at the point reached today. Thanks to its hybrid vehicles, Toyota ranks first among mainstream manufacturers in Europe with the lowest average emissions. According to the data, Toyota stands out with its 2020 g/km CO94 emission value in Europe according to its 2 sales. They will visit our stand at Autoshow, see our product range and witness how advantageous hybrids are.”

Noting that they continue to work on hybrid technology as the brand with the lowest CO2 emission rate, Bozkurt said:

“Thanks to the high sales of low-emission vehicles in Europe, we continue to be the brand with the lowest emissions among the main manufacturers. Thanks to the fact that two of the three vehicles Toyota sells in Europe are hybrids, the average emissions of these vehicles have already reached impressive levels of 95 g/km. Toyota will of course switch to electric vehicles. As the first brand to abandon diesel, we definitely support electric vehicles. Hybrids are already a derivative of electric vehicles. For fully electric vehicles, the country's infrastructure must be sufficient. There is no such problem as infrastructure for hybrid. We see hybrid vehicles as the most rational solution in the transition period to electric cars for Turkey and the world. Today, when it is difficult to integrate only electric vehicles into the system, countries with high welfare levels, especially in Europe, are turning to hybrid vehicles in which conventional motor and electric motor are used together.

Toyota Hybrids Meet with Visitors

Taking its place at Autoshow 2021 Mobility Fair with the motto "There is a Toyota Hybrid for everyone", Toyota offers hybrid models in every segment. In addition to the models, there are also mobility vehicles and Toyota Gazoo Racing sections at the digital stand where visitors will find answers to all their questions.

Exciting Car “Yaris 1.5 Hybrid”

The Yaris 1.5 Hybrid, exhibited at the fair and representing the fourth generation of Toyota's innovative vehicle, was designed and developed specifically for Europe. The new Yaris, which is appreciated for its remarkable design, promises an enjoyable driving experience besides its more efficient, more dynamic and more attractive features. With its new 1.5-liter gasoline engine and the improved 4th Generation Hybrid System, the New Yaris combines performance and superior fuel economy.

RAV4 Hybrid “Efficiency Leader”

Fair visitors will witness the evolution of RAV1994, which started a new era in the automotive world when it was introduced in 4 and gave its name to the SUV segment. The newly developed 2.5-liter hybrid engine provides superior handling and driving comfort with its low center of gravity and high body strength of the all-new 41th Generation RAV5 Hybrid, which has a world-leading value of 4 percent thermal efficiency. The model with a hybrid engine producing 222 HP and a consumption of only 4.5 lt/100 km; With the new electric AWD-i system, it provides better fuel economy, quieter driving and better traction.

Brilliant Crossover “C-HR 1.8 Hybrid”

Toyota C-HR, produced in Turkey and exported to more than 100 countries around the world, is a striking model in its segment with its 1.8 Hybrid coupe style lines. Quiet driving pleasure, fuel saving, low emissions and self-charging engine make Toyota C-HR Hybrid unique. With its unique Crossover design, C-HR 1.8 Hybrid offers the highest standards of active and passive safety features along with its TNGA architecture.

Technology and Quality Together “Corolla 1.8 Hybrid”

The hybrid version of Corolla, which holds the title of the world's best-selling car with more than 50 million sales, Corolla 1.8 Hyrid; It stands out not only with its in-car technological features in its cabin, but also with its quality perception. The exterior design of the Corolla 1.8 Hyrid, produced in our country, was created when Toyota wanted to give its new sedan a more prestigious look. The model, which has a quiet, efficient and powerful hybrid technology, offers high efficiency and performance with the harmony of the 1.8-liter hybrid and gasoline engine.

Camry Hybrid “Prestigious and Powerful”

Introduced for the first time in 1982, Toyota's prestigious model in the E segment, Camry Hybrid, has been renewed, has a more dynamic design and is equipped with new technologies. By combining its powerful 2.5-liter engine with a self-charging hybrid electric system, the Camry Hybrid produces 218 HP and stands out as a unique option in its segment. Camry Hybrid, which is in a strong position with its design, comfort, safety and hybrid technology, reveals its fun driving character and also reveals its difference with its superior production quality and safety systems.

Hilux “Legend in the Field and in the City”

Having the title of most preferred pick-up since 1968 when it was first introduced, Hilux continues to maintain its legendary identity by evolving with each passing generation. Hilux; In addition to all kinds of terrain conditions, it is also a city vehicle with its SUV appearance, comfort and equipment features. Hilux, which has proven itself with its invincible and unstoppable identity and is a highly preferred pick-up, has features that can meet different expectations and versatile use with its 2.4 liter engine.

Commercial “PROACE CITY” Offering Passenger Comfort

At Autoshow 2021, Toyota's light commercial vehicle takes its place in PROACE CITY. All versions of PROACE CITY, which is full of hardware compared to its competitors, is not just for business; It offers an experience with passenger car comfort features. Of the 4 versions, Flame X-Pack and Passion X-Pack versions have a panoramic glass roof as standard.

With the inclusion of the PROACE CITY Cargo model in its product range in the last quarter of the year, Toyota will continue to offer privileges that will make the lives of commercial vehicle customers easier under the roof of “Toyota Professional”.


At the Autoshow, one of the extraordinary models Toyota has recently produced, the GR Yaris, is on display at the stand of TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, the brand's racing team. Developed with the experience in the World Rally Championship, the GR Yaris has made a big impact both with its design and performance. Toyota GAZOO Racing, which set out in 2015 with the aim of “producing better and more fun cars”, has proven itself many times in all motorsport activities. While Toyota continues to evaluate motorsport as a development laboratory for road cars, it also continues to explore new technologies and produce new solutions by looking at the extraordinary conditions in races.

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