What to Do in Vehicle Accidents with Material Damage

What to do in vehicle accidents with material damage
What to do in vehicle accidents with material damage

In addition to factors such as vehicle and pedestrian density, every vehicle on the road is likely to face an accident due to many environmental reasons. What kind of way should be followed after accidents resulting in material damage is one of the questions that drivers seek answers to. Serving its customers with a deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared the steps that vehicle drivers should take and facilitate the process after accidents resulting in property damage.

Document your damage

In the event of a possible accident, use the SBM Mobile Accident Report application, which can be easily downloaded to mobile devices, is very practical to use and instantly informs the insurance company. Keeping the minutes through this application is very important in terms of insurance transactions. The time, date, place of the accident, identity and license information of the drivers and compulsory traffic insurance policy information must be entered in the report completely.

Write legibly

The accident report is evaluated according to the statements and the sketch drawing. Therefore, take care to fill the report in an understandable and legible language. Do not forget that the minutes that are not written in an understandable language cause the process to be prolonged.

Shoot from different angles

In the minutes prepared without using the mobile application, the shots taken from a single angle of the accident may not give clear information about the accident and driver errors. Therefore, take photos from different angles, attach them to the report, and send them to your insurance company for clearer clarification of the accident.

Call your insurance company

For towing and/or replacement vehicle requests, call your insurance company's customer service and file a notice. Then take your vehicle to one of the services contracted by your insurance company to have it repaired without any payment.

Submit your documents

Send your documents to your service or insurance agent within 5 working days. Your information in the documents you submit is recorded by your insurance agency in the system called Tramer and the distribution of defects is determined. Minutes prepared using the SBM Mobile Accident Report application are instantly uploaded to the system and priority is given to these reports. If the insurance companies cannot reach an agreement on the defect distribution rates, the damage file is examined by the accident detection report evaluation commission. The commission finalizes the damage file within 3 working days.

Track your file

You can track your damage file by calling your agency or call center, along with your insurance company's website or, if available, its mobile application.

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