Transition to Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Is Much Easier With TEB Arval

Transition to hybrid and electric vehicles is much easier with teb arval
Transition to hybrid and electric vehicles is much easier with teb arval

TEB Arval provides consultancy services with the SMaRT (Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Goals) Approach, which includes processes such as determining the mobility targets of companies and defining and measuring their fleet strategies.

While the needs of companies in sustainability issues such as the creation of energy transformation policies, the strengthening of CSR policies and alternative mobility solutions are increasing day by day, TEB Arval also guides its customers in implementing change. SMaRT, or Sustainable Mobility and Responsibility Goals, is a five-step approach designed by TEB Arval to help it define and implement new energy transition policies.

Aiming for long-term partnerships with its customers, TEB Arval continues to draw attention by offering economical solutions for nature-friendly alternatives, tailored to the needs and expectations of its business partners.

Using the knowledge of alternative fuel technologies of Arval, which manages approximately 1.4 million vehicles all over the world, TEB Arval offers its customers an approach centered on environment, driver and total usage costs.

More than 60 percent of companies plan to switch to electric vehicles

According to the Mobility and Fleet Barometer 2021 results, which was carried out with the support of TEB Arval to evaluate the status of the fleet sector and shed light on the future of mobility trends, only 30% of the participating companies planned to include hybrid, plug-in hybrid vehicles in the next 3 years, while the same This year, the rate has approached 70%.

The proportion of 100% electric vehicles in the fleet is expected to increase in the next 3 years. According to the results of last year, while the rate of companies that have 100% electric vehicles or plan to include them in their company fleets in the next 3 years was 30%, this rate increased to 62% this year.

The leading reasons why alternative fuel technologies come to the fore in fleets are reducing fuel costs (82%), reducing environmental impacts (76%), and strengthening the company image (73%).

İçim Süt is one of the business partners of TEB Arval, which has recently taken the first step towards an environmentally friendly fleet and aims to reduce its environmental impacts. Starting to use 100% electric vehicles in its fleet, İçim Süt reduces its carbon emissions by 4.4 tons per vehicle per year.

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