The Solution to the Traffic Problem in İzmir is Concentrating on Rail and Sea Transportation

The solution to the traffic problem in Izmir is to concentrate on rail transportation and sea transportation.
The solution to the traffic problem in Izmir is to concentrate on rail transportation and sea transportation.

Civil Engineer Necati Atici, with whom we talked about Izmir's traffic problem and its solutions, emphasized the importance of the rail system, saying that the capacity of the roads is now full.

We talked to Necati Atici, who is a civil engineer at a company that produces projects for the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, about the traffic problem of Izmir, which has been discussed recently, and its solutions. Stating that the traffic problem cannot be explained by the increased use of private vehicles with the pandemic, Aıcı emphasized the importance of the rail system, drawing attention to the fact that the capacity of the roads is full.


According to Civil Engineer Necati Atici, there is a main artery problem in İzmir and this is not new.

Aıcı also pointed out that the difference between living and working areas in İzmir exacerbates the problem and summarized the current situation: “İzmir Bay is a U-shaped place. KarşıyakaFrom Konak, they all go from one place to another. KarşıyakaFor example, the one who lives in does not work there. Mustafa Sahil Boulevard is not enough in the city, İnönü Street was already finished, all of them are full in terms of vehicle capacity. Altınyol, the continuation of Şemikler Çanakkale road, from Zafer Payzın junction to Ege University, the road capacity is full. Zafer Payzın junction, Halkapınar junction, Mürselpaşa Street are currently locked. This area is the place you have to pass through if you want to go from one place to another in İzmir. For example, in Yeşildere, it is very busy in the morning and evening, at least they are trying to build three lanes. Mürsel Pasha falls into two lanes, and this idea swells, creating capacity and traffic. Yeşildere is chaos for now.”


Reminding that the pandemic also has an effect on the traffic problem, Aıcı said that the problem has been going on for many years. Atici said, “Road capacities are now full in the city, we definitely need to switch to the rail system. There is also the work of the municipality related to these. Apart from this, there should be an additional lane application, for example, it is called the Old Bornova road, there is Kemalpaşa Street, this is a very busy, old street. We should not forget the roads in Buca, Menderes Street is a street that is no longer sufficient for service. On the other hand, starting from Zafer Payzın, Halkapınar and Mürselpaşa, the center of the city where everyone has to pass. Karşıyaka Continuing on Anadolu Caddesi and Bornova roads, a three-way-trip project is underway, trying to solve the intersections here. Of course, this will take time,” he said.


Stating that his orientation to public transportation is important for the solution, Aıcı said, “We must pull the traffic from inside the city and out of the city and continue with the rail system. Due to the fact that there is a gulf in İzmir, the sea should be used more and the municipality is working on this. People also began to flee from the inner city to the outskirts. From the point of view of Güzelbahçe, Kemalpaşa and Torbalı, this is natural, but it is necessary to bring people from there with my rail system. "People should come to a certain place and leave their car in the parking lot and continue with the rail system," he said.


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