Fishing Season Has Started, Fishermen Have Sealed After Months

army fishermen opened the fishing season by saying bismillah
army fishermen opened the fishing season by saying bismillah

The hunting ban, which began in April, ended on 1 September. With the end of the ban, the fishermen sailed again after a break of 4 months and 17 days.

Visiting the fishermen in the town of Persembe, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler wished the new fishing season to be beneficial to all fishermen. Stating that the fish caught in Ordu are the most delicious fish caught in Turkey, Mayor Güler stated that they, as Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, have made special efforts to develop fisheries in Ordu.


Stating that fishing is carried out with over 121 fishing vessels in Ordu, which has a coastline of 600 kilometers, President Güler said that approximately 10 thousand people from this sector take bread to their homes.

President Güler made the following statements in his statement:

“Today we said vira bismillah. We came together with our fishermen in our district of Persembe, just hours before the hunting ban was lifted. After about 4 months and 17 days, we wanted to be with our fisherman brothers who went to the sea by saying "Bismillah" in these happy moments. They will seek their share in the waters of the Black Sea with these 40-meter-long fishing boats produced in our province. There are approximately 10 thousand fishermen from Ordu who make their living by fishing all over Turkey. This shows us how important this sector is. In just one year from fishing kazanThe amount raised is approximately 400 million TL. This is a very important number. We are working to make this sector, which is such a great source of income, more widespread in our province. Last year, 38 thousand tons of fish were caught in Ordu. This year the target is 40 thousand tons. The fish caught in Ordu is in great demand due to its quality and deliciousness. In other words, Turkey's most delicious fish comes out especially between Thursday and Fatsa. Hopefully this year will be even more prosperous. Our fishermen's nets come full. I wish all our fishermen an accident-free fishing season. ”


Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Expressing their satisfaction with Mehmet Hilmi Güler's visit, the fishermen said, “We would like to thank our president, who surprised us on such a beautiful day and shared our happiness. He is always with us and supports us. May Allah ease your affairs. We have not taken the power we got from him from anyone until now. May God open the way,” they said.

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