Taiwan Firms Introduced Intelligent Machines They Produced for the Development of the Automotive Industry

5 Taiwanese companies developing smart machines for the automotive industry, “How to Develop the Automotive Industry with Taiwan Smart Manufacturing?” With the launch of the company, they presented their new products to the sector online.

Taiwan's leading companies in the industry, Axisco Precision Machinery, Chering Jin Technolog, Genn Dih, Ming-jing Tech and Palmary, which came together under the leadership of Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Board (TAITRA) and Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (Precision Machinery Research and Development Center) Machinery introduced their newly developed smart machines used in the automotive industry and the benefits of these products to the industry at the online launch held on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.

Extends tool life by 20%

Axisco Business Director Leon Huang, which serves every sector including aviation, automobile, gear, bicycle, hand tools, lock, hydraulic valve parts, electronics and various hardware industries, introduced their newly developed, energy-saving and environmentally friendly electromechanical bench broaching machine. The working height of the new electromechanical bench broaching machine is designed to be the same as other machine tools. This machine, whose automation integration is extremely easy, has a servo motor and a ball screw. It has a consistent broaching speed and low vibration; This extends the life of the tool by 20 percent.

The broaching speed and stroke of electromechanical machines, which save about 40% electricity compared to traditional hydraulic machines, can be adjusted and recorded in the HMI. The position of the worktable and the riser, the position of the sensors, the speed and load of the machine are all seen in the interface. This feature helps to save time.

Chucks can reduce operations to a few seconds

Chering Jin Sales Manager Jessie Chen explained that they specialize in the production of high-precision fasteners for machine tools, their products are made of stainless steel and their innovative structures have a work clamping force of up to 4 tons. Saying that his products can be applied in medical equipment, machine tools and all high precision industries, Chen introduced two different series product groups in his presentation.

Chen, who introduced manual, fast manual and pneumatic type chucks for parts holding in the first series, and zero point chucks as the second series, said that the chucks and robot arm speed up the loading and unloading procedure and reduce the process to a few seconds.

Chering company has more than 80 patents.

Protecting vehicles is possible with electronic pressure regulators

Genn Dih Sales Manager Jerry Wu gave information about the company and its products in his presentation. Wu said, “Our company, Genn Dih Enterprises, was founded 41 years ago, in 1980. We serve both the distribution sector and the manufacturing sector. Our company focuses on three main product lines:

The first is the electronic pressure regulator. This is a precision pressure regulator in which the outlet pressure is controlled by an electronic signal. The pressure range varies from 0,1-0 bar to 2 bar, with resolution control at 70% FS. The regulator is also open to remote control up to 500 meters away via IO link. This allows to regulate and keep the pneumatic pressure constant in the vehicles.

The second is the proportional flow control valve. It is used to control the flow rate of liquid and gas. The advantage we provide is that it is controlled by a stepper motor and the repeatability can reach 0,1% FS. Flow rate can be controlled up to 3000 L per minute.

Third is the pinch valve. This is used to regulate liquids or gases without coming into contact with the environment.” said.

Genn Dih has CE and RoHS certificates, approved by the ISO 13485 quality management system.

Zero Point Locking System brings convenience to the machining industry

Ming-Jing Sales Manager Sherry Chen said that with Ming-jing Tech's launch of the zero point clamping system, it not only makes Taiwan's manufacturing industry more convenient, but is also rooted in Taiwan and turns to the world to promote products on the international stage. Explaining that they implement automation and zero point systems in both materials and processes in order to increase work efficiency and respond to customer needs, Chen talked about the two benefits of the zero point system. Chen summarized these benefits as being able to cope with emergencies with flexible changes that can be made on the production line, and that everyone can do this because the mold change operation is standard.

It is possible to reduce labor costs while increasing work efficiency.

In her speech, Palmary Regional Sales Manager Vanessa Chang focused on the benefits of the solution applied in smart machines to the automobile industry, targeting the Turkish market. Automation of the Palmary Group, which takes into account the combined functions that will carry out many grinding jobs together and doubles the production or plans how less labor will be needed, while continuing to develop and improve with products such as environmentally friendly and industrial 4.0, in accordance with customer demands and global trends. Explaining that they offer designed machines, Chang said that with the development of smart machines, the tendency to dark, that is, "lights-out" factories, has increased, so Palmary offers special services for each part. Stating that they have a completely closed gantry crane, which will reduce the bench layout plan by 39%, Chang emphasized that they can provide an easy transition to a different production line that can increase work efficiency by 60% and reduce labor costs by 67% with turnkey projects.

Palmary has a sales network covering more than 40 countries including Europe, America and India.