Rental Prices in Bursa Hurt

Rental prices are hurting in bursa
Rental prices are hurting in bursa

Bursa City Council President Şevket Orhan said that high house rents have occupied the city's agenda in recent days and that citizens have been victimized.

While rental prices have doubled or tripled recently in Bursa, citizens are struggling to find rental homes. House rents are also hurting. Some landlords are also putting pressure on their current tenants for a raise. Experts say that the prices of new houses have increased at least two times, the purchase of houses has become very difficult and people are tending to rent houses, which is why the rent rates are on the rise.

Bursa City Council President Şevket Orhan said in a statement on the subject that high rental prices hurt, so to speak. Noting that those who are looking for flats to rent put a lot of pressure on their budgets, Orhan said, “As of this month, face-to-face education starts at our universities. Students have difficulty in finding a house due to high rent prices, and tenants suffer a lot due to commissions, deposits, moving costs and house maintenance. Landlords can evict their tenants regardless of their age. He can give his flat to someone else with a 100% raise on the day his tenant leaves.”

Expressing his wishes for being fair and not asking for high rents, Orhan said, “I invite our landlords to be a little more compassionate about the rents not being increased more than their value and the rental prices. We demand that our people be sensitive in terms of protecting the rights and laws of tenants. One day the landlords may become tenants too, who knows?" he said.



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