Reaction to TCDD's Compensation Statement Related to Çorlu Train Disaster

Reaction to tcdd's compensation statement regarding the corlu train disaster
Reaction to tcdd's compensation statement regarding the corlu train disaster

Reacting to TCDD's statement of compensation regarding the Çorlu train disaster, Mısra Öz said, "We are pursuing our case until the killers are held accountable."

The General Directorate of TCDD announced that the lawsuit filed by the relatives of 2018 of the 25 people who lost their lives in the train disaster in Çorlu in 14, and by 30 of the hundreds of injured people resulted in the payment of compensation.

In the statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, “A total of 14 million 30 thousand 21 liras were paid to the relatives of 370 citizens who passed away and 326,72 citizens who were injured, and the case process was concluded with peace. 15 cases that did not result in peace and 34 cases that are still in the settlement process are pending.

In the statement, it was stated that "there is no special payment to the victims and that the victim's attorney has no influence on the calculation or payment of the compensation amounts" and that the said payments are "based on the method adopted by the courts, in order to prevent long trials and to remedy the victimization".

Mısra Öz, who continued her struggle for justice for her son Arda Öz Sel and others, whom she lost in the disaster, reacted to TCDD's statement with her sharing on Twitter.

Öz “If TCDD had made the necessary investments on its rails, 25 people would be among us today. The institution, which has not knocked on the door of the people they have victimized for 3 years, shows the compensation it has paid for the grievances it has created and which has grown like an avalanche, as a blessing.”

“We are pursuing our case until the murderers are held accountable. Just as we have ongoing lawsuits on the compensation side, we do not have a finalized lawsuit on the criminal side, either.”

Source: Haber Sol

Günceleme: 24/09/2021 11:05

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