President Güler: We Invested 2 Million TL for the Maintenance of Boztepe Cable Car Line

President Guler, we invested a million TL for the maintenance of the cable car.
President Guler, we invested a million TL for the maintenance of the cable car.

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler was the guest of the live broadcast of the “Ordu'yu Rulers” program broadcast on Altaş TV. Answering Funda Altaş Şimşit's questions, Mayor Güler made important statements about the agenda by discussing the works carried out and planned by the Metropolitan Municipality.


Evaluating the work done in the summer season as Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said that they had a full summer season.

Stating that they attach great importance to infrastructure and superstructure works, social municipality, sports and tourism to agriculture and economy, Mayor Güler said that they had a very productive summer season in terms of work. President Güler said, “We tested ourselves this summer. We saw that a city with a population of 750 thousand increased to 2 million. Heavy rains fell in the summer season. With the measures we took in these rains, there was no annoying situation. We brought our people together with the sea and focused on sports. We held triathlon races and colored our sea with our own canoes. While doing all these works, we continued our municipal activities without slowing down. We traveled 1345 km in total. Apart from this, we brought 1200 km of water line to our city. We replaced all the asbestos pipes. Our pond construction continues. With our efforts, we reduced our loss and theft rate from 56 percent to 36 percent. That makes 5 million cubic meters of water. We have saved a water as much as the water of our Fatsa district from leakage,” he said.


Expressing that they are carrying out a work outside of the classical municipality, Mayor Güler continued his statements as follows:

“We gave importance to agriculture and animal husbandry, and this situation has moved to another dimension. This makes us very happy. On the one hand, it created an additional source of employment and livelihood. We work outside of the classical municipality. We generate electricity by collecting garbage. We removed the 35-year-old garbage that has plagued Ünye. We removed the garbage in Fatsa and increased the added value of the region. We turned our own management skills into relationship management. We have a good reputation in Ankara. In terms of tourism, we have carried out important studies in our province and achieved an increase. This summer, we hosted our important guests in our city. We have put our important investments into operation. We opened Kano Park and we saw that it had a great impact. We are uniting with Giresun on the weekends. Everyone is coming here. On the one hand, Amasya and Tokat flow into Ordu. Our springs welcome a lot of visitors. The army has become a very active place.”


Expressing that they attach importance to social municipality and that they are concerned about employment, Mayor Güler stated that they also carried out important services in this field and said:

“We attach great importance to social municipality. We took it upon ourselves to find jobs for our unemployed people. The opportunities we have opened in agriculture also provide a solution to employment. We also have 70 thousand disabled citizens and 130 thousand retirees in our province. We take care of the transportation of all groups at home, we wash the dishes. In addition to all these, we have 157 thousand employees and 130 thousand students. We offer discounts to our students. We did not forget our tradesmen, and we provided support of 800 thousand TL to approximately 2 tradesmen. We have overcome all this by working in coordination with our district municipalities. We finished our Animal Hospital, we established our Medical Waste Facility. We also struggled with natural disasters in the summer months. Our fire department has gone to Elazig, Malatya and Izmir with a success that has exceeded the borders of Ordu since the past. We supported the flood areas with construction equipment. We survived those big rains with success. We had a summer full of these and many more works.”


Emphasizing that they work in harmony with 19 districts without any discrimination, Mayor Güler continued his words as follows:

“We continue our work in harmony with our 19 districts, without any discrimination and without any discrimination. We have added construction equipment to our own structure. As you know, we did not rent, nor did we work with a contractor. It has been our advantage to have our own work machines. We have an asphalt plant and quarries, so we continue to build our roads day and night without stopping. Our OKSI works very well. We build ponds in our districts. By holding rain water, we both prevent floods and meet water needs. We made important studies on water efficiency and passed it through the parliament. In this way, we provide water management by building a cistern. Drought problem arose. Our Ordu is a place where we can live in the future. In this context, we carry out our urban planning activities, which we carry out important works for our future guests. We held an architectural project competition in 19 districts for the architecture of our city. We wanted houses with gardens. All of our fellow citizens want to live in detached houses rather than living in apartments after the pandemic. We are currently manufacturing boats ourselves, we are planning to work in caravan manufacturing. The army will be a beautiful place. We are planning to build collective villa areas in our 19 districts.”


Pointing out that they have carried out many studies in the field of energy and that they have carried out new studies in various fields, President Güler gave the following information:

“The renewable energy law came out when I was Minister. Then we deduced the energy efficiency law. We are now taking steps in areas other than these. One of them is the wind. At the moment, perhaps it will be the first in Turkey, the municipality will establish a wind power plant. We are installing this power plant in Akkuş. All negotiations are continuing for the installation of giant windmills. Our studies continue to generate electricity from hazelnut capsules. We have achieved activated carbon from the hazelnut shell and we are making plans to establish its factory. We want to generate electricity from the wave. It is not very common in the world, but we are planning to try it. We also work in the geothermal field. We have come to a very successful point in all these works. If we produce our own energy, it will be used less in the industry.”


President Güler, who made statements about the archaeological excavations that started in Fatsa in the past days and stated that there is history pouring out from every part of Ordu, continued as follows:

“History is pouring out all over Ordu. Wherever we dig, we encounter a surprise. This shows us that Ordu has very rich historical resources. A new sarcophagus was opened at the excavation site in Fatsa. It is thought that the region belongs to the early Christian period. This coincides with the Molla Fenari and Hagia Sophia periods. The region, which was previously known as Polamanium, is an important settlement and its name was later changed to Bolaman. Therefore, the tombs and sarcophagi found here show that the region will be a rich settlement center. Work continues there. We can turn the space into a museum. Maybe all of them can become an ethnographic museum in one place. We are working on the Board Castle and Yoroz. There is the Cıngırt Castle in Fatsa, and it has galleries stretching all the way to the sea. We are working on the castle in Ünye, the castle in Gölköy and many of our historical sites.”


Emphasizing that the excavations continue uninterruptedly at the Board Castle, one of the important archaeological sites of Ordu, and stating that they plan to open the area to visitors, President Güler made the following comments:

“In fact, we have done the biggest work in the work of the board. There was a working period of 3-4 months, I increased it to 12 months. They work non-stop here. There are 20 workers at the excavation site, and we pay the workers here. We also have a very valuable teacher who continues his studies. We are planning to open the Board Castle by covering it just like Göbeklitepe.”


Underlining that the nostalgic tram they put into service in Altınordu district has received positive reactions, they have covered an important distance in balloon tourism, President Güler stated that they are preparing new surprise projects for the districts.

President Guler, said:

“We do not mind if the tram is in our other districts. This work is a nostalgia in itself. It made a huge impact beyond our expectation. We will have similar surprises for our other districts as well. We try them all first, then we will spread them. I wanted our people to taste this nostalgia. We have been making wind measurements for balloon tourism for about 1,5 years. As a result, it is an aircraft, since people will be transported in it. We pay attention to safety measures to ensure that it is accident-free. It is currently being tested. Undergraduate studies are also progressing well. We will start this work from Aybasti Persembe Plateau. People will probably lose their minds on those magnificent meanders. We'll try other places next. We did an experiment in Altınordu. We have the sea there, too, we are meticulous so that there is no mistake. We lead in most places. We will not be the imitators, but the imitated.”


Expressing that Ordu has a very wide road network and drawing attention to the fact that they do all these works with their own construction equipment, President Güler said, “We have done three years of work with a budget”.

President Güler continued his words as follows:

“What we do in Thrace in a year, we do it in almost a month. We covered about 1345 km in total. We are working non-stop. We have 27 thousand 500 km of road. In Turkey, we are either one or the second in this regard. We are almost equal to the roads of Istanbul. Ordu is a city built on 11 streams. We are changing the entire infrastructure. For example, Sırrıpaşa. We especially do these works with our own construction machines. The money stays with us, so we do a lot of work. We have done three years of business with a budget. If we had paid all our debts and did nothing, we would have lost 1 billion liras, that is, 1 quadrillion with the old money. We are in the snow right now. In other words, we have done business and we are paying our debts.”


Reminding that the future of the world is gathered in the fields of food, tourism, software and energy, President Güler emphasized that they have established 4 companies in this direction.

President Güler continued his statements with the following words:

“We have a very good team in software. Looking at the future of the world, I founded 4 companies. The future of the world is centered on four issues. One is food, the second is tourism, the third is software, and the fourth is energy. We have a super youth. We are preparing a future for these children. We established a software center for them, taught them to code, and they make robotic software. We formed a very good team. For example, we made a water meter. We made the best counter in Turkey and now we are ordering to Ağrı. They want to buy from us. Its software belongs only to our young people, it was created entirely by themselves. At the same time, we have all the municipality's programs done there. For example, we opened a social market. Our programmers wrote the program for him.”


Speaking about the 3 skyscrapers rising by the sea in the Kirazlimanı District of Altınordu district, President Güler gave the following statements:

“We will give whatever rights they have to the construction in Kirazlimanı. Of course, we will say goodbye. There was a job that started wrong there, we fixed it. Whoever bought an apartment from this wrong business, we will pay back their money. We have also made the decision. In the meantime, we also discussed this issue with our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We also had discussions with the company on this issue. There is not even the slightest problem at the moment. Financial formalities are completed by our teams. So no one will suffer here. We will make the payments. In the next period, this area will remain only as a green area. That green area will be Ordu's new living space. In this area, which was closed to the public in the past, now our citizens can swim and sunbathe. Our nation would be deprived of a constitutional right because of this structure. But as we said, we fixed a wrong job. This area is now fully public. I don't have a reverse gear. A job that started wrong, ended right with the destruction. That's why I stand behind the demolition decision on this issue."


Underlining that the decision taken at Kirazlimanı saved the future of the Army, President Güler said:

“This decision is not just for the buildings in Kirazlimanı. This structure affects the whole development of Ordu. This structure would be a precedent in the future and all our beaches would be filled with similar structures. We saved the future of the Army. We show the same determination in zoning. There is a zoning issue on the agenda right now. At the moment, there cannot be even the slightest situation or nepotism in zoning. In this zoning arrangement we have made, we look at the integrity of the city. In the past, when it came to zoning, everyone looked after their own interests. No one thinks about the city. The city is a whole. We have taken this integrity into consideration while making the zoning arrangement. It turned out to be a very good work. There are objections, our teams are examining them. There is never a state of mind and heart about zoning. Such people cannot even enter the municipality. We are preparing our city for a very good future. With the newly made zoning arrangement, our new green area of ​​180 thousand square meters has emerged. In addition, we saved an 80 million payment to the state from future expropriation costs. We will do our best to ensure that our army continues its future well.”


Stating that there is no sale situation for the Durugöl Metropolitan Campus, Mayor Güler pointed out that they have a team that knows what they are doing and takes steps accordingly.

President Güler made the following statements regarding the issue:

“There is no question of putting the Durugöl area up for sale. Just a decision has been made here. Just like in the cowboy movies, we put a hat on the end of a stick. We saw who was going to shoot from where. There are no allegations about the sale of this place. There are 3 locations in this area. It is currently used in three places. We also prepared a project about the empty place. We will look at the situation. As a result, we are a team that knows what it is doing and takes its steps accordingly. So there is not the slightest problem here. By the way, I never compare the old with the new. It's not my style to do that. However, I would like to point out that I would like to thank all my friends who served as mayor. We have a name that we have created for 50 years, and I do not want the slightest speck in my name during this period.”


Stating that they will make the area a center of attraction with the works to be done on the Botanic Park land in the Eskipazar District of Altınordu district, President Güler said, “There was a magnificent project prepared during my ministry. However, this project was later changed. It has been turned into a strange park. However, our first project was sent to another city. We are reclaiming this area now. Very little details remain. We will make good use of this area. We will build a rehabilitation center in this area. With the facilities to be built here, this area will be a very nice attraction area. Especially our young people will love this new project. It will be open to the public in this area, as in other areas,” he said.


Informing the public about the ongoing maintenance and repair works on the Boztepe Cable Car line, President Güler said that the priorities are the public's health and safety.

President Güler concluded his speech as follows:

“Maintenance on the cable car would normally be done in 2020. However, they did not come because of the pandemic. They came later, did the work, and in the reports they gave us, our own teams saw some malfunctions. In line with this report, the ropeway could have operated at a lower capacity and at a lower speed. However, we did not find it appropriate. The health and safety of our people is important. That's why we decided to stop. Company officials learned from us that we stopped and they gave us the right to do so. We have corrected the report they gave us on their project. Ordered now. We invested 2 million TL. We made the payments. We expect work to begin shortly. In addition, the legal process regarding the company continues. In addition, for our citizens who want to go to Boztepe, we have vehicles in the area where the cable car sub station is located. We take them to Boztepe free of charge”

Günceleme: 30/09/2021 17:03

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