Strong Reaction to A News from Izmir Metropolitan: Perception Activity with Images of the Past!

Perception activity with images of the past, harsh reaction to the news from izmir buyuksehir
Perception activity with images of the past, harsh reaction to the news from izmir buyuksehir

“A CHP Classic in İzmir! The news-interview titled "Smelling Creeks Made Citizens Revolt" witnessed lies and distortions that should be taken as a lesson in the name of publishing, and images from at least 07 years ago were brought to the screen to create the perception that there was a great pollution in the Manda Stream.

The said organization made another interesting attempt on behalf of broadcasting and extended a microphone to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Hızal, whom the reporter announced as a rebellious citizen (!). made criticisms.

While we respect the right of criticism of all segments of society, we expect broadcasting organizations that undertake the duty of informing the public to act within the framework of ethical values. Instead of taking the current images of the place it is on with all its broadcast equipment, it is a "perception" activity to display at least 1-1,5 years old images from the pre-rehabilitation project of İZSU in the region.

The fact that the murals made in Manda Creek and completed in May are not seen in the images in the news also proves this perception game.

Manda Stream is cleaned regularly once a week by İZSU teams, and there is a floating barrier in the area to prevent surface solid wastes (plastic, garbage, bags, etc.) from entering the bay.

The discharge line in the images, which is mentioned as discharge into the stream in the news, is not domestic or industrial waste, but a ground water that does not contain any pollution elements and comes out during the construction done by Vakıfbank REIT.

In summary, the images reflected as pollution in the aforementioned broadcast of A Haber belong to the past years, the person presented as a rebellious citizen is an AK Party politician, and the water coming from the line, which is claimed to be a dirty waste discharge into the stream, is pure ground water.

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