Recovered from Disaster on Ordu Boztepe Cable Car Line

Ordu Boztepe Cable Car Frozen From Disaster
Ordu Boztepe Cable Car Frozen From Disaster

The cable car that provides access to Boztepe, Ordu's observation terrace, is closed. Upon the public's curiosity about why it was closed, a statement came from Ordu Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary ORBEL A.Ş. The written statement from ORBEL, announcing that the magnetic power in the cable car ropes is approaching the limit values, is as follows;

Routine maintenance and controls of our Ropeway Facility, which became operational in 2011, have been carried out by Leitner Ltd., the manufacturer company until today. Şti's Manual Maintenance Guide prepared by our technical team in line with.

The heavy maintenance of our facility (20.000/40.000/50.000 hours) is done by Leitner Ltd. Sti.' It is carried out by authorized domestic and foreign technical personnel of the company.

Leitner Ltd. Sti. 2020 Operating Hours Maintenance (rope shortening, line revision, vibration analysis, non-destructive inspections, lower and upper station impeller lining replacement, electrical service and maintenance), planned to be carried out by the company in March-April 40.000, technical personnel coming from abroad due to the Pandemic It was held in October-November 2020 due to the travel ban.

Although the heavy maintenance completed in November 2020 is under warranty for 30 months and NDT (X-ray for broken ropes) rope inspection should be done every 3 years, that is, in 2024, it was performed again in June 2021 for control purposes, in line with the foresight of our technical team. As a result of the inspection, the rope; When the inspection values ​​​​made in April 2020 are compared with the values ​​after 40.000 heavy care; It was determined that the magnetic field loss was 5,88% (max. 6%) and the number of fractures in the rope approached the upper limit values. Thereupon, Leitner Ltd. Sti.' Information was given in writing and opinions were asked about the situation.

Leitner Ltd. Sti. As a result of the negotiations with the company, we have been informed in writing that the facility should be closed and the rope change should be made.

In addition, as a result of the meetings of our technical team with experts from the country and abroad; It has been suggested that it can be operated by reducing the number of boardings and reducing the facility speed by half. However, as a result of the evaluation made by our technical team; operating the plant will pose a safety risk and all responsibility lies with the manufacturer Leitner Ltd. Sti.' It has been decided that the operating activities of the facility will be stopped in order to ensure that the facility remains in place and that the authorized service agreement is continued.

In summary; The aforementioned magnetic field loss in the rope was discovered with the attention and care of the competent personnel working in our facility and a possible risk was prevented. Due to the pandemic in the world and the special production process of the cable car rope, it is anticipated that it will take 20 weeks for the start of business activities.

As a result of all these processes; The Cable Car Facility has been taken into maintenance by the authorized company, and all technical and legal processes are meticulously followed.

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