One Step Left to Charge Devices with Our Clothes

One step away from charging devices with our clothes
One step away from charging devices with our clothes

Chinese scientists have realized the scalable production of high-performance woven lithium-ion fiber batteries. This development has brought electronic devices that can be charged wirelessly through clothing one step closer to becoming a reality.

A related study by Fudan University researchers, showing how the internal resistance of such fibers varies with their length, and offering theoretical support for the development of safe lithium-ion fiber batteries, was recently published in the journal Nature.

The one-meter-long fiber developed by the research team; It has been proven to provide long-term uninterrupted power to wearable electronic devices such as smartphones, smart wristbands and heart rate monitors. According to the article, the retention capacity remains about 500 percent after 90,5 charge-discharge cycles, and the fiber is able to retain more than 100 percent of its capacity after being spun for 80 cycles. The researchers note that because the length of such batteries was previously on the centimeter scale, it was impossible to weave the fibers.

With the new discovery, scientists have succeeded in making high-performance woven lithium-ion fiber batteries. The team said in a statement that textiles can become flexible and stable power supply solutions for smartphones once integrated with wireless chargers.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 06/09/2021 16:27

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