Vaccination Card and PCR Test Requirement on Trains Starts on September 6

Obligation of vaccine card and PCR test on trains starts in September
Obligation of vaccine card and PCR test on trains starts in September

📩 02/09/2021 16:33

Within the scope of the circular published by the Ministry of Interior in order to combat the Covid 19 epidemic, certain rules have been set for intercity travels as of September 6, 2021.

In this context; Those who have been vaccinated or have had the disease and over the age of 18 will travel without any test obligation according to the period that is scientifically considered immune, and passengers aged 18 and over who have not completed the vaccination process or have not had the disease, have the negative PCR test results taken within the last 48 hours before their travel, and must be presented during the checks.

At the checkpoints of high-speed trains, and in the controls to be made on regional and mainline trains; Passengers are required to submit their vaccinated, past disease (according to the time scientifically considered immune after Covid 19 disease) or negative PCR test results made maximum 48 hours prior to the “Life Eve Sığar” (HES) application.

Passengers who do not make this submission will not be refunded while their travels are cancelled.

Passengers who are determined during the journey that they do not meet the conditions during the checks to be made are disembarked at the first station where the train's stop is appropriate, and the ticket price will not be refunded.

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