Lotus, Purchased by Chinese Geely, Will Launch 4 New Models

new lotus model purchased by chinese geely will be launched
new lotus model purchased by chinese geely will be launched

Lotus, which was acquired by Chinese Geely in 2017, will launch four new models to appeal to wider audiences. Two of these models are SUVs, one is a coupe and one is a sports sedan.

Introducing its latest thermal engine "Emira" vehicle in Great Britain, Lotus will launch its electric vehicles, which it sees as the future of the brand, in China. The company will establish the Lotus Technology division in Wuhan, which will carry out R&D and new model studies. It has been announced that a magnificent facility will be built with an investment of approximately 1 billion euros.

With its new identity, Lotus intends to pass the stage of producing small one-two-seater vehicles and reach the stage of producing models for large masses. As a first step towards this, a large electric SUV (code type 132) is expected within the next year. This massive model will weigh roughly two tons. In 2025, it is estimated that Lotus will launch a second SUV (this time with code type 134) which is slightly smaller.

Apart from these, 2023 will witness the debut of a large 4-door coupe (Type 133), and in 2026 a small sports sedan (Type 135). This final vehicle will be produced at Lotus' Hetel plant in Great Britain. The brand's last gasoline-powered vehicle, Emira, is also produced here.

Lotus hasn't given much technical detail on the aforementioned future new models. However, it is known that they will sit on a common platform and be equipped with a battery between 92 kWh (kilowatt hour) and 120 kWh. As for performance, it has been announced that the most powerful models will be able to reach speeds of 3 kilometers per hour in 100 seconds after takeoff.

Source: China International Radio

Günceleme: 06/09/2021 17:15

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