Körfez Transportation Takes Delivery of Turkey's First Hybrid Locomotives

Korfez Transportation received Turkey's first hybrid locomotives
Korfez Transportation received Turkey's first hybrid locomotives

Within the framework of the agreement signed in 2019 with the Swiss railway vehicle manufacturer Stadler, Körfez Transportation, Tüpraş's subsidiary in railway transportation; started to take delivery of Turkey's first dual-fuel EuroDual hybrid locomotives, which stand out with their environmentalist aspect.

Making sustainability a part of its business model in all its processes from supply chain to after-sales operations, Tüpraş continues to improve the environmental impact of its logistics operations, which is an important component of its value chain, with its subsidiary in railway transportation, Körfez Transportation.

Turkey's first private railway operator, Körfez Transportation, started to take delivery of EuroDual type CoCo hybrid locomotives, which can operate in dual-fuel, diesel/electric mode, within the framework of the agreement signed with Stadler, the Swiss railway vehicle manufacturer, two years ago.

Within the scope of the agreement signed for seven hybrid locomotives and 8 years of spare parts and full service maintenance, the first two locomotives arrived at Izmit Derince port on 3 September. The remaining 5 locomotives will arrive in Turkey in November-December. With EuroDual locomotives, Körfez Transportation's locomotive fleet will reach 12.

Within the scope of the type approval process, the locomotives are planned to be put into commercial use after the tests to be carried out by the independent inspection company and the General Directorate of Transport Services Regulation (UHDGM) on TCDD lines.

With the commissioning of EuroDual locomotives that can operate in both diesel and electric modes, it is aimed to carry out transportation with zero carbon emissions in the transportations made with these locomotives on electric lines.

Turkey's first dual-fuel locomotives

Turkey's first dual-fuel EuroDual hybrid locomotives can provide a superior traction power of up to 500 kN (kilonewton) thanks to the state-of-the-art ride control system. The locomotives, which have a 6-axle CoCo traction system, weigh 123 tons and are 23 meters long, can pull trains up to 2000 tons.

EuroDual locomotives can reach a maximum speed of 2.800 km per hour with a power of 7.000 kW in diesel mode and up to 120 kW in electric mode.

Greener transport model

Emissions are nine times less in electric operation in rail transport compared to road transport.

With EuroDual hybrid locomotives, Körfez Transportation makes railway transportation, which is an environmentally friendly transportation model, even more environmentally friendly.

With the commissioning of all 7 EuroDual hybrid locomotives, a total of 12 Korfez Transport fleet will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 35 thousand tons each year.

Safer transportation

EuroDual locomotives provide a safer operation thanks to the "European Train Control System" (ETCS - European Train Control System), which is the most advanced digital communication system in the railway sector, and a working system suitable for the signaling method, which can control trains from the center.

The locomotives also meet the requirements of the "Technical Specifications for Interoperability" (TSI - Technical Specifications for Interoperability) certification, which is the highest standard set for the railway industry within the scope of EU standards.

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