Karşıyaka Municipality Opens 'Active Reading Workshop'

Karsiyaka Municipality opens an active reading workshop
Karsiyaka Municipality opens an active reading workshop

Karşıyaka Municipality will sign an exemplary project to support the students who are preparing for the high school and university entrance exams but have difficulties in the face of long questions. An 'Active Reading Workshop' will be opened in order to contribute to the increase in students' reading-comprehension speed, the development of their critical thinking skills, and thereby increasing their success rates. The workshop, which will start in October under the direction of literary theorist Funda Sakaoğlu Eryek, will be for middle school and high school students.


Funda Sakaoğlu Eryek, who pointed out that many students have recently had problems with long questions in LGS and YKS, said, “The new generation could not solve most of these questions in the final exams, most of them lost time. We also carry out the Book Club activities together. Karşıyaka Together with our Mayor Cemil Tugay and his wife Öznur Hanım, we thought that we should support our children in the face of this important problem. We said, 'Let's do something new on this subject together' and decided to establish the 'Active Reading Workshop'. It will be a workshop that has never happened anywhere before. Active reading is my field of study, a technique that I have developed academically. The students who will participate will be part of a great education of about a year.”


Eryek, who also gave information about the operation of the workshop, continued as follows: “Our goal is to enable our children to read and understand the long questions in Turkish and mathematics actively, in the fastest and most effective way, and to develop their critical thinking skills. For these purposes, we will start our work from the basic texts. We will examine the myths and different world mythologies that have influenced the literary world, and we will examine outstanding examples from contemporary world literature. Thus, we will observe the literary development of the world from ancient to modern in detail. We will make them understand what the text means, its symbols, motifs. There will be texts that I have pre-determined, they will come every week having read those texts, we will do side readings. They will learn what plane the side readings should be in. This is an academic education. Active listening is just as important as active reading. We will try to instill a versatile learning style. This workshop is very important in terms of contributing to the intellectual development of children as well as their educational life.”


Active Reading Workshop will be open to high school and middle school students. 8th and 12th grades will be given priority. While the quota is limited to ensure one-on-one interaction, it will start with a single group of 30 people in the first place. A second class can also be opened upon request. Training will start in the first week of October 2021 and will end in May 2022. Courses are located in Girne Kulturpark Karşıyaka It will take place at the Municipality Cihat Kora Library. Those who want to participate in the training can apply by calling 399 40 83-86-88.

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